West Weekly

Nick Chevalier
May 29, 2019
Hello WEST Families,
Congrats to all our amazing athletes that competed in Arizona for Scottsdale's Cactus Classic! We had many fast swims and had a blast enjoying the sun and swimming. Good luck to our swimmers heading east for our Tri City Open in Pasco Friday - Sunday! Read on for more info!
Schedule Changes:
Thursday, 5/30/19
Explore: 5:30 - 6:15 (No dryland)
Disco: 6:15 - 7:30 (no dryland)
Challenge & Accelerate: 6:00 - 7:30pm
Senior & Senior Elite that IS COMPETING @PASCO: Dryland @WEST 3:00-4:00, in water 4-6pm
Senior Elite NOT COMPETING @PASCO: Dryland @WEST 3:00-3:45, in water practice @McCollum 4 - 6:30 (normal)
Friday, 6/1/19
Explore, Disco, Accelerate, Challenge: NO PRACTICE
Senior & Senior Elite: 6:30 - 8:30pm @ Colman Pool
Saturday, 6/2/19
Explore, Disco, Accelerate, Challenge: NO PRACTICE
Senior & Senior Elite: 8 - 10am @ Colman Pool (normal pre-sesason schedule)
All PreComp Practices: NORMAL
Programs: NORMAL
Lap & Open Swim: Normal As Posted
Summer Team - Begins June 24th!
Interested in giving your swimmer the swim team experience? Summer team is a fun way to get group lesson swimmers excited to join pre-comp/ other swim teams! This program gives families and swimmers an opportunity to experience competitive swimming in a safe, friendly, and exciting environment. It’s also great for high schoolers wanting to train in the off season! We highly recommend all PreComp and SwimFit swimmers to check it out!   Click here to learn more or to register.
Summer Schedule: Begins June 24th!
Please refer to our practice schedule here. Full Programs schedule will be announced shortly.
Coach Nick & the rest of WEST Coaching Staff