WEST Weekly

Tim Senholtz
Jul 9, 2019

Hello WESTies,

Wow summer is flying by and we are already getting our kiddos ready for their championship meets for the summer. Keep up the hard work at practices everyone, and read on for these important news items that definitely won’t help you in the occurrence of a bear attack:

Practice Changes:

Wednesday, 7/10

Summer Team Meet @WEST, 6:45pm. NO SUMMER TEAM PRACTICES

NO LAP SWIM 7:30 – 9:30pm

All other groups: NORMAL

Thursday, 7/11

SrE & Sr – NO PRACTICE, SR Seattle Open

All other practices: NORMAL

Friday, 7/12

SrE & Sr – NO PRACTICES, Sr Seattle Open

All other practices: NORMAL

Saturday, 7/13

SrE & Sr – practice @Colman pool, w/ breakfast. Sr Seattle Open Afterwards. (see email from Janet Kim for breakfast details)

No Sr practice @WEST

All other groups: NORMAL

Happy Swimming and keep your stick on the ice,

-Coach Tim & WEST Management