Community Meet / Parent Meeting - Itinerary

Tim Senholtz

Community Meet / Fall Kick Off Timeline


2-2:30pm: Challenge, Accelerate, Senior & Sr Elite Warm Up + Parent Meeting

2:30-3pm: Discover, Explore, Embark Warm Up + Parent Meeting

3-4:30pm: Community Meet

4:30-5pm: Food & Fundraising Awards / Suit Try-On


Parent Meeting Agenda


Practice Expectations:

  • Swimmers should not arrive to the pool more than 15min prior to their practice and must be picked up within 20min of their practice ending. 

  • Athletes must be healthy. We will do our best to accommodate occasional injuries, but swimmers must not present a risk to themselves or others. Injured swimmers must be able to keep up when participating and recurring injuries must seek further medical attention. 

  • Lane etiquette - see this Practice Procedures handout for more information.


Team Equipment & Apparel:

  • Team Store through Swim Outlet: will remain open at all times, but please get orders in as quickly as possible because some items are already backordered. Link will be posted to website. 

  • Suit & Warm Ups Sizing - we will have suits and warm ups available for people to try-on immediately following the Community Meet if you are unsure of sizing. Will be located in the gym & coaches will assist in any questions / concerns.

  • We are asking all our swimmers to have their own mesh bag with their mandatory equipment. For the older swimmers, we have changed to a different style fin that everyone will need to get. The team will continue to supply some equipment (kick boards, pull buoys, etc) and have extras on hand, but swimmers MUST each have the required gear at practice each day, including practices at other pools. 


Team Social Activities - posted to website under events


Volunteering Changes

  • Mandatory KCAC participation: all team families must work a minimum of one session during WEST hosted meets at KCAC. Unfulfilled hour penalties will apply for failure to participate (NWAG Regionals & June Jubilee). Swimmers not competing in the meet may work to satisfy family requirement. 

  • Officials Needed: we are getting desperate for new officials and may have trouble hosting future meets as a result. Officials are expected to work all WEST hosted meets and help out whenever their swimmer is competing at away meets (minimum one session at each). WEST Officials therefore get their entire volunteering requirement satisfied each year. - Contact Dan Limberg for more info.

  • Hospitality Team: we are expanding the hospitality team and have several open positions. The hospitality team is responsible for organizing all our team events, including swim meets, and involves time spent both at the events and preparing ahead of time at home. Hospitality team members also get their entire volunteer requirement satisfied each year. - Contact Nancy Tien for more info.

  • All other volunteer positions (aside from Officials & Hospitality) are credited for the number of hours worked and posted prior to the event online under Events for Job Signups.

  • Job Sign-Ups will open 2 weeks prior to the meet and priority will be given to swimmers competing in the meet. Any positions that have not been filled 1 week prior to the meet will then be opened to swimmers not in the meet. 


Necessity of Hosting Meets

  • Income from meets ($35k-40k projected for this year) helps offset team dues. Without hosting meets, team training fees would have to increase substantially.  

  • In addition to financial stability, hosting meets is part of our obligation as a USA Swimming team. Yes, there are teams that do not fulfill this obligation, however, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and will do our part to support greater opportunities for the athletes. WEST is positioned as a top tier team in PNS and we have a duty to maintain that position by hosting quality meets, in addition to continuing to perform. 


MAAPP Policy Acknowledgement

WEST is committed to protecting our athletes. All parents must complete and return a Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy Form to the front office. Parent’s that have not signed this form will be unable to be on deck at meets for volunteering, in accordance with USA Swimming.