West Coast Aquatics strives to create a safe environment that promotes positive growth in all its athletes. A crucial component in athlete success is mental and emotional wellbeing. We want to emphasize the importance of mental health and encourage open discussions in a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for all. Given our current social climate during the pandemic, emotional and mental wellbeing are more important than ever. This page contains information, resources, and discussion points for athlete mental health. Our goal is that parents and swimmers feel comfortable and safe in the space we create as a team, staff, and community.



1. Mind, Body and Sport: The psychiatrist perspective

2. Mental health: Overcoming the stigma of mental illness

3. Survey shows student-athletes grappling with mental health issues

4. How To Talk About Mental Wellness With Your Athletes

5. Talk About Mental Health: For Parents and Caregivers

6. Time To Talk: Talking To Your Parents

7. 6 tips for talking to your parents about mental health