Frequently Asked Questions

Check back regularly as we update this list as we get common questions.



Where is WEST?

15622 Country Club Drive, Mill Creek WA 98012


From I-5: Take exit 183 and head east on 164th St SW. Cross the intersection with Bothell-Everett Hwy (527) and continue up Mill Creek Rd. Make your first left onto Village Green Dr. Take your 4th left onto Country Club Drive. Take your 2nd left into the Swim Club parking lot and the pool is on your right.


From Bothell-Everett Highway (527), turn at Mill Creek Rd. Make your first left onto Village Green Dr. Take your 4th left onto Country Club Drive. Take your 2nd left into the Swim Club parking lot and the pool is on your right.


How do I register?

WEST offers online registration at under the Registration tab. Registration is first come, first served.


When can I register?

A notice will be posted online under the Lessons Registration tab and an email will go out to the families. Registration flyers will be posted online prior to classes opening online for registration. Payment must be made upon registration online via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover).  


How are classes arranged?

Classes are organized by skill level and age. For our Beginner classes we do not allow more than 4 swimmers to be in a class. For our Intermediate classes, we do not allow more than 5 swimmers per class. For Advanced, we do not allow more than 6 swimmers per class.


What ages do you teach?

Children ages 3-12. If a child is older than 12, we recommend private lessons, or one of our other programs that we offer.


What levels do you teach?

We offer progressive 5 levels: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and Advanced. 

For children interested in joining the team, we have Recreation groups programs that introduces and prepares children for the USA Swimming competition team. Recreation groups are a monthly program that transitions swimmers from our learn-to-swim to our competitive team by refining strokes and developing aerobic conditioning.


How long are classes and when are they offered?

Group lessons are 30 minutes (unless specified otherwise.) Lessons are offered year-round, Monday through Sunday depending on pool availability.


What is the temperature of the pool?

Temperature ranges between 81-82° Fahrenheit


What should I bring to the pool?

Swimsuit – we recommend a one-piece suit for girls.

Goggles – we strongly recommend the use of goggles.  Goggles are helpful in getting a child to put his or her face in the water.  Also, they can allow a child to feel more comfortable in the water, a major component in learning to swim.

Towel – for drying off and staying warm after class.

Swim cap – for children with long hair, we recommend the use of a cap, which can be purchased at the pool.  If you choose not to use a swim cap, please tie long hair back to keep it out of the face and limit distractions.

Warm clothes – especially during the colder months.


Can parents interact with children during class?

No, we ask that parents please refrain from interacting with their child during class to limit distractions. We strongly recommend parents to remain in the spectator seating area and view from there. Separating the child from his or her parents creates a more learning conducive environment.


When are evaluations?

Evaluations are normally done on the third week of the session. If the session is less than 4 weeks long, we will make it known to families by email.  Every swimmer's card will show their class level recommendation for registering the next session.  If there are any questions regarding evaluations, please email the lessons manager.


If my child is ill are there makeup classes or refunds?

No, you must attend the classes you have signed up for. We cannot make last minute accommodations for safety reasons. We do not offer any refunds, however under extenuating circumstances we will issue a credit (see WEST Policies), which can then be applied towards payment for a future session. We understand that schedules can be hectic and conflicts will arise but like most children’s programs you are responsible to attend the dates which you register for.


How will I know if lessons are canceled?

In the event of a last-minute cancellation, email notifications will be provided and a credit will be issued for that class. Cancellations will also be posted to the website and social media. Calls will be made in extreme circumstances.


Can I cancel my registration at any time?

If you cancel your class, you will NOT receive a refund. You will receive a WEST Credit which can then be applied the next time you register. We must receive notice 3 business days prior to the start of the session.


Does WEST offer discounts or financial aid?

Yes, we offer scholarships for those that qualify. We use the Everett School District’s Free & Reduced Lunch program to determine how much financial aid each family qualifies for. These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, please inquire at the Front Office for an application. For discounts, the third swimmer and each thereafter receives 15% off of lessons.


Can I change my registration at any time?

We will be able to change times and day if there is space available the first week of lessons. Please remember to contact the front office to make these changes. You cannot switch classes without notifying the front office.


Will my child get the same instructor?

There is no guarantee your child will get the same instructor. You can request specific instructors, however once again we do not guarantee that they will get the same instructor. 


When will we know who the instructor is?

Due to instructor availability, we do not release who is teaching what classes until the first day of class. You will find out who the instructor will be just before the session begins by finding your name and class on the master schedule located on the glass in the front office. If you want to request an instructor, please feel free to email the office or Coach Tim and we will try our best to make that request happen. We do not guarantee any requests.


When does next session start?

If you are already taking lessons the start date will be the week immediately following the current session.  The dates of the current session are posted on the window going into the pool area, on the fliers in the front office, as well as on our website.


When does the current session end?

The dates of the current session are posted on the window going into the pool area. We do try to plan the 4-week session to coincide with the calendar month as much as possible and sessions run concurrently. All information about the current session is usually posted on our flier which is available at the front office as well as online under the registration tab.


What do I need to do to register for the Competitive Team or Recreation groups?

Your student would need to be evaluated by filling out the Team Inquiry Form (Found on our Competitive Team page under ‘Joining the Team’.  


We recommend that swimmers with no competitive experience register for Advanced and get evaluated during the lesson. There may be a waitlist for their training group, and a swimmer will be added to this waitlist as soon as their registration packet is turned in. We will let you know how many other swimmers are also on the waitlist at the completion of your registration packet. There is no set time a swimmer may be on the waitlist, as it does fluctuate throughout the year.


Do I need goggles and caps for my students?

Goggles and caps are not required, it is totally up to the parents and students. It is highly recommended that all swimmers wear goggles as we do require our students to be able to put their face in the water. Girls are recommended to wear a cap as hair creates a lot of excess weight in the water.


When will my child move up to the next level?

Remember, this is a progress check for the swimmers so that they can better understand their skills, which are learned at different rates.  Please remember that strength and swimming skills cannot be rushed and we will NOT move swimmers up until they meet our curriculum standards. There is no ‘set’ amount of time it takes for children to learn a skill. Remember, we are teaching a lot of information to the swimmers at each level and require correct technical skills before they move up. If you feel like they are close to moving up, but need work on a specific skill, we do offer private lessons as a supplementary class to group lessons.


Can I schedule for regular private lessons?

Private lessons are meant to be a supplementary class to group lessons where a swimmer can get one-on-one attention with an instructor of their choosing to work on a specific skill. Private lessons can be booked for 30 minutes or 1 hour. If there is no preference for an instructor, WEST will assign one of our trained instructors for the private lesson. Depending on instructor availability, we may occasionally have a waitlist for private lessons. More information about private lessons can be found under the ‘privates’ tab online.


How will a new instructor know what to work on with my child?

At WEST, our instructors rely on each other to ensure that each child succeeds. Instructors will communicate with other instructors or the manager if a child either is struggling with a certain skill or needs to be pushed more appropriately. All instructors attend regular in-service training to ensure that each instructor is both mentally and physically fit to teach our curriculum consistently.