Shallow Water Classes


Beginner 1: (Age: 3-9) Children at this level have not been exposed to, and/or may be fearful of the water. Our main focus is to get them comfortable in the water, start introducing body position/control exercises and HAVE FUN!

Criteria for Completion: 5 relaxed head bobs with proper breathing, front and back float without assistance, push off wall face in water, streamline kick front and back 5 feet


Beginner 2: (Age: 4-10) At this level, children have been exposed to the water and are not necessarily fearful, but are not fully comfortable yet. Here, we reinforce comfort while starting to work more on body position, control in the water and basic freestyle and backstroke. 

Criteria for Completion: 10 relaxed head bobs with proper breathing, front/back float and flip without assistance, streamline kick front and back 8 feet, basic freestyle and backstroke 10 yards, side kick and side breathing 10 yards



Deep Water Classes

Children in deep water classes must be fully independant and have an understanding of the fundimentals of swimming. Front/back streamline, front/back float, freestyle and backstroke. 

Intermediate 1: (Age: 5-12) At this level, children are comfortable in the water and have demonstrated solid awareness of body position and control. Here, we develop freestyle with side breathing and backstroke while we continue to reinforce the basic necessities of competitive swimming, such as breath control and streamlines.

Criteria for Completion: tread water for 30 seconds, 25 yards with kick board, proper breathing kick on side without assistance, 12 yards backstroke, 12 yards freestyle with proper breathing


Intermediate 2: (Age: 5-12) Swimmers at this level can perform basic freestyle and backstroke and can swim without assistance for a short period of time. Our main focus is teaching proper stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke kick.

Criteria for Completion: tread water for 45 seconds, freestyle 25 yards with proper breathing, backstroke 25 yards, legal breaststroke kick 12 yards


Advanced: (Age: 6-12) At this level, swimmers have shown a solid understanding of the proper stroke mechanics in both freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers have always demonstrated proficiency in legal breaststroke kick.  We focus heavily on refining the strokes while building stamina and preparing them for the pre-team. In this level, swimmers will also begin to work on body dolphin and breaststroke pull preparing them for pre-team.

Criteria for Completion: tread water for 1 minute, freestyle 50 yards, backstroke 50 yards, legal breaststroke kick 25 yards, body dolphin, understanding of breaststroke pull