Thurston Olympians Swim Club

Don't Have a Good Swim, Have a Great Swim!


Coach Mary-Natalie Young (or just Natalie) is a life long Washingtonian and swimmer who loves the water and the outdoors. Natalie swam club for 8+ years, 6 of which were with TOSC. She swam with Capital High School and was team captain her senior year. Natalie’s best events were the 200 Freestyle and the 100 Butterfly. Outside of coaching Natalie enjoys photography, swimming, and trips to the ocean. She owns and rides horses and competes in the Jumpers. Natalie is also actively perusing a degree in Elementary Education and a career as an elementary school teacher. 
Favorite Food: Spaghetti 
Favorite Desert: Red Velvet anything! 
Favorite Movie: “A Walk in the Clouds” -1995

Coach Mica is a great example of how swimming is for everyone at every age! Her competitive swim career may have been limited to a few weeks at the age of 8, but she discovered the joy of swimming (and the benefits of exercise as a stress outlet) a decade later in college. It didn't take long to fall in love with the feel of propelling herself through the water. While she may have been late to the swim game, Mica made up for it by throwing herself into training for open water events. 
While coaching is, of course, a fantastic job that everyone should want, Mica sort of tripped and fell into it accidentally. The local Y team needed a coach and Mica needed money. The original plan was to coach for a few months and move on but it was so much fun that she ended up sticking around as the team's head coach for 10 years. A couple years after leaving the Y, Mica took on an assistant coaching position with TOSC and has been living her best life there for four (three?) seasons.
Outside of coaching, Mica likes to spend as much time as possible sleeping in a tent, visit her nephew (who she adores more than anything) as much as possible, and chill with her dog Finn (who is pretty much the worst dog ever).  
Favorite TV show: Parks & Rec
Favorite stroke: Freestyle
Favorite smell: Pine needles on a forest floor in the afternoon sun

Coach Stephanie started swimming at an early age in Kansas and continued through high school by swimming summer league and for her high school. She began coaching in 2008 as the Girl's Head Swimming Coach for Maur Hill-Mount Academy High School in Atchison, KS where she also taught music classes, then as an assistant coach for the Kansas City Blazers swim team for 2 years. She has continued coaching and teaching in various places around the world, including South Korea, Colorado Springs, and El Paso, Texas thanks to her husband's on-going career in the United States Army. 
As a member of the military community, a certified music teacher, and a member of ASCA (Level 2 Certification, education pathway), being a life-long learner is important to Coach Stephanie.  She likes to incorporate different subject areas into coaching (math, music, history, social studies, character development, science, etc. They can all be connected to swimming!). Coach Stephanie has a passion for teaching and runs a technique-focused program with an emphasis on accountability, practicing with purpose, and "swimming smarter, not harder".  She hopes to share her love of learning and swimming to help swimmers reach their full potential as human beings and as athletes. The moments which stick out the most to Coach Stephanie as a coach over her 14 years of coaching are the "aha!" moments that swimmers have when they make a learning connection. 
Coach Stephanie enjoys spending time with her two dogs and husband, cooking and baking, cycling, swimming, traveling, reading, creating things (DIY projects and crafts), playing piano and trombone, hiking, and home improvement projects.  
Favorite TV Show: The Office
Favorite Book: The Art of Racing In The Rain - Garth Stein
Favorite Movie: Any of the Pitch Perfect movies! 

Coach Chelsea grew up on the Oregon Coast and started swimming competitively at 8yrs old. She continued through High School where she also played Water Polo. She started working with novice swimmers while in High School with her club team and in 2002 was hired as their assistant age group coach. She took a short break from coaching at the end of 2006 when she had her first son Aidyn.
In 2008, Coach Chelsea moved to the Olympia area and started working at the YMCA where she coached their novice swimmers. In 2012 She took a leap back into the world of USA Swimming club coaching with Ohana Swim Team in Tacoma where she was the Assistant Coach. While there she built a strong learn to swim program while also coaching Novice and Age Group swimmers. In 2016 She took a management position with the Y and stepped off deck from coaching and enjoyed it from the sidelines as a parent the summer of 2016 when her now 15yr old son Aidyn joined TOSC. In January 2017 Coach Chelsea was hired on with TOSC as a novice coach and in August of 2017 took the role of Assistant Coach working with the Novice and Age Group levels. She also took a coaching position with the North Thurston High School Girls Swim Team as assistant coach in the fall of 2017. 
In November of 2020 She took on the role of Head Coach for  TOSC. She is a Level 2 ASCA Certified Coach working towards her level 3 on the education path.  In her spare time off deck she enjoys watching her Son Aidyn play Baseball and Swim of course. She also  has a 2yr old son Jasper who loves construction equipment. She is also working on a Masters of Arts Degree in  Elementary Education.
Favorite TV/Netflix show: Virgin River that may come second to my toddlers favorite Cocomelon.
Favorite Book/s: Chop Wood, Carry Water and Pound the Stone - Joshua Medcalf
Favorite Movie: GI Jane

Parent Board of Directors
Brit Lusa, President 
Jonathan and Emily Losee, Vice President
Linda Maxey & Ben Wong, Secretary
Scott Daukas, Treasurer 
Colby Martin, Member-At-Large

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