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USA Swimming's top priority is to keep athletes safe. As a part of the continued commitment to safeguarding athletes, USA Swimming has enacted enhancements to the Safe Sport policy and education requirements. This includes a Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy as well as required training for athletes 18&over.

Thurston Olympians Swim Club MAAPP

Current 2021-22 Safesport Policies

TOSC acknowledgment of  MAAPP

18&Over Athlete Protection Training (Required for athletes 18 & Over)

USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) Main Page

USA Swimming Safe Sport Page

USA Swimming Code of Conduct


Online Report of Occurrence Form

The Report of Occurrence shall be submitted by the coach, official or someone affiliated with the club/facility any time there is an accident or injury during any USA Swimming activities such as Sanctioned or Approved swim meets, swimming practices, contracted Swim-a-Thons or approved social events.