Coach Membership Requirements

  • 502.6.5  Anyone who coaches swimmers at a USA Swimming practice or competition, must be a Coach member or Junior Coach member of USA Swimming and must have satisfactorily completed safety training, criminal background checks and other coaches' education as required by USA Swimming.  Junior Coach members are not required to complete a criminal background check but are subject to pre-employment screening.


Please use the link above which will take you to USA Swimming's website to explain all requirements and Approved Course List for certifications (CPR, STSC in-water and STSC online content only).

Copies of those certifications must be sent to the PNS Office to record (or update) on your member record.

Background Check (BGC), Athlete Protection Training (APT), Coaches Advantage Tutorial (CAT), Education Requirement if needed (FOC 101 - first year coach member; FOC 201 and FOC Rules & Regs - second year coach member) will AUTO update to your member record after receiving the completion certificate.  Email notification indicates your Deck Pass will update within 24-48 hours, if that does not occur please reach out to the PNS Office.

BGC is a 2 year requirement and valid the last day of the month in which you complete plus 2 years.  APT and CAT are annual requirements via the USA Swimming LEARN platform and valid the day completed plus one year (if possible complete both the same day to have the same expirations).

Concussion Protocol Training (CPT) is a one time USA Swimming requirement and certificate (CDC, NFHS or state course) must be sent to the PNS Office to record on your member record.

Once all membership requirements have been met, the membership card will be available on Deck Pass (be sure under "my account" that you have selected "link to member record") and that you are using Deck Pass Plus app if accessing via phone or tablet.

2022 Non-Athlete Registration Application  - Complete (auto-fill in fields) and mail a non-athlete membership application to the PNS Office (address printed on the application form). You are registering with USA Swimming through your LSC (Local Swimming Committee) Pacific Northwest (PN).