2020 MEMBERSHIP YEAR begins September 1, 2019

2020 ATHLETE REGISTRATION APPLICATION - please contact your club for application form.  If no club affiliation please contact the PNS Office for application form. 

  • 302.1  REGISTRATION  - .1 Athlete Members - all swimmers practicing with a member club or competing in events sanctioned by USA Swimming must be registered as athlete members of USA Swimming. (See rulebook for additional information.)
  • Corporate Bylaws of USA Swimming:  2.4.2. Athlete Membership consists of five categories:  A) Premium - Membership is for a calendar year.  B) Flex - Membership is for a calendar year.  C) Outreach - Premium membership with NO fee in PNS (proof of eligibility required) D) Seasonal (PNS offers Season 1 - 9/1/19 to 1/31/20 and Season 2 - 4/1/20 to 8/28/20) E) Single Meet Open Water

Athlete Transfer Form can be found under FORMS / Club Forms dropdown box.


NOTE:  Officials print membership card via OTS and those registered as "other" may print using Deck Pass.  NO membership cards will be mailed from the PNS Office.

Mandatory Non-Athlete Membership Requirements:

  •  Corporate Bylaws of USA Swimming:  2.6.2  All non-athlete members of USA Swimming must have satisfactorily completed criminal background checks and athlete protection education as required by USA Swimming.  The criminal background check requirement is waived for Junior Coach members.
  •  305.5  Employees and volunteers of USA Swimming, Zones, LSCs and member clubs who interact directly and frequently with athletes as a regular part of their duties and individuals with any ownership interest in a   member club must be non-athlete members of USA Swimming and satisfactorily complete criminal   background checks as required by USA Swimming.  This does not apply to volunteers such as timers, marshals, computer operators, etc. who only have limited contact with athletes during a meet.  Any individual who is banned, currently suspended or ineligible for membership is prohibited from serving as a timer, marshal, or computer operator, or otherwise being on deck at any time in connection with a USA Swimming activity.

Background Check can be initiated prior to submitting your registration application.  PNS Office will receive auto-generated notice of successful completion of both Background Check and Athlete Protection Training.

·         BACKGROUND CHECK valid for 2 years from last day of the month in which you initiated and is displayed on your membership card


USA Swimming MANDATORY TRAINING for non-athlete members is changed February 4, 2019.

This will be a change from how APT was completed in previous years both in substance and in the annual requirements. First, while each member’s current APT training expiration date will be honored, members will no longer have a two-year USA Swimming APT certification. In the first year following expiration or upon new registration, only the Center’s Core training course will be required to obtain APT certification. Thereafter, every year, every non-athlete member will be required to complete the Center’s refresher course and also to take a USA Swimming elective APT course in order to obtain the required number of points for APT certification. 
If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact [email protected].

**You must be in the database to ACCESS the course, so IF you have never been a member of USA Swimming you will receive an e-mail from the office when registration application form and fee have been received and processed that you may now ACCESS the course.