PNS General Chair - Updates from Around USA Swimming

Updates from Around USA Swimming

April 29, 2021


Reminder:  Olympians Visit:  Stories and Workout this Saturday, May 1

  Remember that this Saturday, May1, at 10 AM, Olympians Elizabeth Beisel, Megan (Quann) Jendrick, Rebecca Soni, along with Tom Malchow and Margaret Hoelzer will be visiting kids of all ages via Zoom.  The one-hour virtual session is sponsored by SplashForward to promote healthy aquatic lifestyles and learning to swim.

   The Olympians will speak about their experiences, the importance of healthy lifestyles, how aquatics enabled them to build confidence, set and reach goals, be better students, and cope with the current pandemic.

  The event includes an active 'dryland' workout with Olympian Rebecca Soni and a live Q&A session!

  Registration is available at: .  A flyer to promote the event to your club’s swimmers is also available:

  If you are unable to attend the live session due a swim meet or other commitment, the event will be recorded and available for later viewing such as a practice group pre-meeting or individually.

  SplashForward is the local non-profit that is assisting with the design and promoting the creation of a new pool facility in the Bellevue area.  PNS has provided support to the SplashForward effort in order to provide a new, additional facility in the region.


PNS Annual House of Delegates Meeting is May 8

 The annual meeting of the PNS House of Delegates (HOD) is just over a week away!!  The HOD will be conducted via Zoom on Saturday, May 8.  The Call to Order is scheduled for 8:55 AM.  Voting delegates are specified by each member club and include a coach representative, athlete representative, and a non-coach representative.  Any changes to a club’s delegation should be communicated to the PNS office. 

  Everyone is invited to attend.  Note that all athletes and coaches in attendance can participate in the elections for the athlete or coach representatives, respectively.  All Voting Delegates participate in the decisions on By-Laws and policy decisions and the election of other non-specific Board positions.

  Registration prior to the meeting is REQUIRED.  Voting Delegates will receive an email on Monday, May 1, with the registration link.  Anyone else interested in attending should contact the PNS Office ([email protected]) , (253) 852-0680) to obtain the link. 

  The 2020 HOD was very well attended, and the virtual nature of the 2021 session should foster participation.  Please join the PNS BOD and other clubs in determining the direction on PNS.

Candidates for the PNS Board of Directors Elections

  The 2021 HOD will include the normal election for this year’s open Board positions.  Positions on the Board are two-year terms with the positions staggered so that approximately one-half of the Board positions are elected each year.  The Governance Committee has been identifying a slate of candidates for the open positions at the 2021 HOD.  Those positions include:

Administration Vice-Chair

Senior Swimming Vice-Chair

Program Operations Vice-Chair


Safe Sport / Risk Management Chairperson

1 Coach Representative (elected by the coaches in attendance)

Senior Athlete Representative (elected by the athletes in attendance)

Junior Athlete Representative (elected by the athletes in attendance)

2 At-Large Athlete Representatives (elected by the athletes in attendance)

  Additionally, anyone interested in being a candidate for a Board position can, if they choose, communicate their willingness to serve by contacting the General Chair ([email protected]) or the PNS Office ([email protected]) , (253) 852-0680).  Nominations from the floor will also be accepted during the HOD.  Please encourage any athletes or other individuals that you feel might be willing to contribute more to the LSC to attend the HOD and participate in the election process.

  Thank you volunteers!


USA Swimming Proposed By-Laws Changes

  Communications from USA Swimming about the working groups that are constructing proposed By-Law changes due to changes in the authorizing legislation continue.  The working groups have completed initial drafts and some revisions to those drafts have been posted for input and comment.  Inputs should be sent to: [email protected] .  The closing date for comments is May 6, 2021.  

  These changes are two sessions at this weekend’s virtual Zone Workshop.

  The By-Law revisions will be discussed and voted on at the Special USAS HOD scheduled for June 30.  PNS will be naming a delegation of six members to represent the LSC at that HOD.