PNS General Chair updates from Around USA Swimming

Colleen Buchanan

Updates from Around USA Swimming

May 6, 2021


Summer Section and Zone Meets (Almost) Finalized

The Western Zone has been able to locate sites for Summer Sectionals and Age Group Zones and has finalized the summer meet calendar.  The remaining uncertainty is the June 15 California opening to allow Senior Zones to compete in Clovis, California.  The full meet schedule is:

2021 Speedo Sectionals - Austin TX, University of Texas  Jul 15, 2021 - Jul 18, 2021

2021 WZ SR Championships – Clovis, California, Clovis SC  Jul 27, 2021 - Jul 31, 2021

2021 WZ AG Championships – Lewisville, Texas, Snake River / Inland Empire 

Aug 4, 2021 - Aug 7, 2021

2021 WZ Open Water Championships, Henderson, Nevada, Sandpipers of NV 

Sep 18, 2021

2 Days until the House of Delegates

 All Club Voting Delegates should have received an email last Monday with instructions how to register for the HOD and how to vote at the meeting.  The HOD will be conducted via Zoom on Saturday, starting at 8:55 AM.  Sign-ups will open at 8:30 to allow attendees to check in and clubs that have not yet signed up can do so until the meeting starts. Sign-ups and any last-minute changes should be communicated to the PNS office ([email protected] , (253) 852-0680). 

  The HOD will elect five officers, a coach representative (by the coaches), and four athlete representatives (by the athletes).  Nominations from the floor will be accepted.

  Everyone is invited to attend.  Note that all athletes and coaches in attendance can participate in the elections for the athlete or coach representatives, respectively.  Anyone interested in attending should contact the PNS Office ([email protected] , (253) 852-0680) to obtain the link. 

  The 2020 HOD was very well attended, and the virtual nature of the 2021 session should foster participation.  Please join the PNS BOD and other clubs in determining the direction of PNS.


MAAPP 2.0 Preview and Implementation (?)

Last weekend’s Zone Workshop included an overview of the new MAAPP 2.0 release scheduled for this month (May, 2020).  This is based on a new model MAAPP policy provided by the USA Center for Safe Sport.  Based on the presentation, I am cautiously optimistic that the changes are mainly positive.  There is now a Glossary of twelve terms including “authority”, “emergency”, and “adult participant”.  A new clause for “Close in Age” addresses the athlete who ages up to 18 and maintains social media contacts with other minor athletes.  Another clarifies “dual relationship” where a coach or official is also a parent of a swimmer.  That individual will apparently be able to socialize with other minor athletes (friends of the child) with the consent of the other parent (how that is implemented TBD).  Another positive is that the allowed communication time for minor athletes is expanded to 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

USA Swimming is planning to implement by September 2021, which would fit well with club sign-ups and registration for the 2021-22 season IF there are no surprise restrictive rules included as well.  An assessment of the impact will await release of the document.  Apparently, the Center for Safe Sport schedule is for implementation by January, 2022.     


RePlay:  Olympians Share Stories and a Workout

  If you missed SPLASHForward in the Water with Olympians last Saturday (May 1), check out the replay here.  Elizabeth Beisel and Megan (Quann) Jendrick share their personal stories and Rebecca Soni gives a great dryland workout.  Margaret Hoelzer and Tom Malchow remind us that new pools help everyone enjoy the joy of water while gaining lifesaving and lifelong skills.

  SplashForward is the local non-profit that is assisting with the design and promoting the creation of a new pool facility in the Bellevue area.  PNS has provided support to the SplashForward effort in order to provide a new, additional facility in the region.


New 2022 SCY Section Meet Announced

  Last weekend, Western Zone also announced a new short course Senior Championship Meet for March 2022.  This inaugural meet will be hosted in St. George, Utah and will be capped at 600 swimmers.  Qualifying time standards will be the same as this year and there will be no de-qual standards. 

NEW! 2022 WZ SCY Senior Championships, St. George, Utah  Mar 30, - Apr 2, 2022

The 2022 Zone Open Water Championship is already on the calendar as well:

2022 WZ Open Water Championships, Sacramento, CA, Sierra Marlins SC,

Sep 10, 2022


Revised Western Zone Inclusion Summit, Aug. 14, 2021

  The Western Zone has now revised the planned late May Inclusion Summit and Camp to be a virtual Summit (only, no camp) on August 14, 2021.  The purpose is to provide a space for conversation among the many social identity groups of USA Swimming in which perspectives can be shared and plans to be more inclusive can be created by athletes and non-athletes together. If you previously applied in April, there is no need to re-apply - your previous application will be included for consideration.

  The summit will be two sessions with two segments in each session. Each session will include a stroke technique session presented by USA Swimming’s National Team High Performance Consultant, Russell Mark, and an interactive segment during which individuals will be able to discuss the challenges of increasing inclusion and to brainstorm plans to help teams, all LSC’s and the whole Zone.  The goal:  increase inclusion in swimming.

  The Application to apply to the WZ Inclusion Summit is available here.  The Summit Application deadline: July 2, 2021.

  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact PNS DEI Chair, Emily Murray at [email protected]

  The Zone Workshop also included descriptions of several upcoming DEI oriented webinars: one in late May and a Team Blac Mentoring session on June 19.  More opportunities for education were also described. 


USA Swimming Cancels Future Conventions

  USA Swimming has now formally announced that future Conventions will be cancelled as US Aquatic Sports is no longer going to hold the multi-NGB conventions.  USA Swimming will now hold a largely virtual annual Business Meeting and HOD.  That will permit more attendees from LSC’s to participate.  The Zone Workshop will be reformed to a longer (4 day schedule similar to the length of Conventions in the past), and more comprehensive agenda.  Apparently, the multiple Zone Workshops (2 or 4 different events in past years) will be consolidated into a single meeting with in-person attendance permitted (hopefully not required).


Team Training Support Requirements Revised and Applications Re-opened

Pacific Northwest Swimming has implemented a temporary relaxation of the requirements for clubs to receive Team Training Support (reimbursement) for 2021.  The change affects both the previous March 15 submittal for the Short Course season as well as the “upcoming” 2021 Long Course requests.


  These changes are effective immediately, so the deadline for Team Training Support for 2020-2021 Short Course Season requests will be extended until Monday, May 17th to allow those clubs who now meet the new criteria to apply.  The following changes are made to Ad-17-01 for the both the earlier Short Course submittal and the August LC Season submittal:

  •  The requirement to compete in two (2) meets is waived;
  •  The 60% practice requirement is reduced to a 50% requirement;

  In the Fall, the PNS Board will again review the situation and determine if the relaxed eligibility criteria should be continued or if the original policy will be used for the 2021 - 2011 seasons.