PNS General Chair Updates from Around USA Swimming

Colleen Buchanan

Updates from Around USA Swimming

July 15, 2021



USA Swimming Special HOD Results

USA Swimming conducted a Special House of Delegates meeting on June 30 to review the proposals to revise the USAS By-Laws to conform to the new legal requirements.  There were nine separate proposals for governance changes.  8 of the 9 were passed.  The one exception was the proposal to modify the composition of the USAS House of Delegates.  At this time, the Governance Committee is working for new proposals to be considered at the regular annual HOD meeting in late September.

  The passage of the other proposals means that efforts in two of the categories will proceed. The Nominating Committee can begin its efforts to solicit new candidates for the modified USAS Board of Directors.  And the composition of the standing committees can also be revised to conform to the new requirements. 

USAS Annual Business Meeting

  Swimming will conduct its annual meeting virtually on Saturday, Sept. 25.  Proposals for new revisions to the USAS By-Laws are expected to be published this week. In addition to an expected new proposal on the composition of the USAS HOD, the HOD will also consider general updates and a new Age Group Proposal to shorten meets (< 3 days) and improve accessibility.

  PNS will need six individuals designated as voting delegates, but others can attend as non-voting members as well.  Although USAS is specifying Board members to attend, alternates are needed.  Please inform the PNS Office if you are interested in attending the meeting.

PNS Office Transition 

After over 20 years as the “face” and voice of Pacific Northwest Swimming, Colleen Buchanan has decided to retire this Fall as the PNS Office Manager / Registrar.  She will devote her full time to her family and grandchildren.  All PNS appreciates her efforts over these two decades and will miss Colleen’s support.

  PNS is now seeking a new Office Manager to replace Colleen.  The job description is posted and applications will be accepted until August 2nd

MAAPP 2.0 Implementation Training Continues

  Safe Sport is continuing MAAPP 2.0 Training with clinics offered in August (Aug. 9 and 26).  These are 1 hour sessions with Q&A as well explaining the changes made for this update.  These are the result of input as well as negotiations with the Center for Safe Sport. The first two clinics (June and yesterday (7/14)) were recorded and, together with the webinar outline and slides, are all available on the USA Swimming website:

 USAS has set a deadline of implementation by September 1, 2021, which is consistent with the annual Fall registration time frame and the normal annual acknowledgment of the MAAPP rules for all involved.  In the discussion at last week’s LSC meeting, it was noted that if a club or LSC implements the new MAAPP 2.0 policy ahead of the September 1 deadline, then the policy is in effect at that earlier time (a club can put in an implementation date of September 1 as a workaround).

Potential 2022 Spring National LC Meet

  Although no formal announcements are expected until after the conclusion of the Olympic Games, USAS is apparently considering a LC National Meet in the April, 2022, time frame.  Estimates are for a meet approximately 2-3 weeks after the conclusion of the NCAA D1 Championship meet.  The intent is to create a selection meet for forthcoming international competitions.  The international competition calendar has been significantly altered by the on-going effects of the COVID pandemic so the new international schedule is driving the requirement.  

USA Swimming Staff Attending Championship Meets

  USA Swimming has named various members of the Team Performance and Business Operations organization (historically Field Services) who will attend all of the Championship Meets this summer.  Attendees at the different sites include:

Santa Clarita – Juan Caraveo, Jane Grosser

Fargo – Brendan Hansen, MJ Truex

Richmond – Kaitlin Pawlowicz

Huntsville – Jay Chambers, Devonie Pitre


Irvine – Juan Caraveo, MJ Truex, Devonie Pitre

Greensboro – Brendan Hansen, Kaitlin Pawlowicz, Jay Chambers

  The representatives are available for short conversations or to plan for future meetings to address club needs.    

USA Swimming Planning 12&U Marketing Toolkit

  USA Swimming is creating a marketing toolkit aimed at improving 12&U membership.  The toolkit rollout is scheduled August 1 and will be provided as part of the Coaches’ Newsletter.  There is no associated nation-wide campaign planned.  The toolkit will include a poster template for distribution and posting, social media posting information and suggestions on how to use social media advertising.  The latter would guide clubs in purchasing advertising targeted at parents.  A webinar is planned for mid-August to provide some training on social media advertising.