PNS General Chair Updates from Around USA Swimming

Colleen Buchanan

Updates from Around USA Swimming

Sept. 9, 2021


National Committee Applications are Open

  USA Swimming has posted applications for volunteers who want to be considered for one of the national committees (there are fourteen (14!) different committees, two of which are athlete committees).  The application site is:

Any member can apply and, in the past, there have been many more applications received than available positions.  David Orr, CSC, is currently a member of the Age Group Development Committee and Colleen Buchanan, PNS Office Manager and Registrar serves on the Registration and Membership Committee.

Deadline for applications is October 4, 2021. 

  Interested members can get an understanding of the Committee by attending the upcoming Committee meetings. The meetings are virtual and will be conducted during the two weeks prior to the Annual Business Meeting on September 25.  Everyone can register for any of the committee meetings that are planned between September 11 and September 21.  Registration will ensure that you receive the information to connect.  The schedule of meetings and registration is available through the USAS website:


Certification Issues Outlined and Workarounds Documented

  USA Swimming has identified several issues related to required certifications both internally and with provider systems.  As previously reported, the APT system hosted on LEARN needs upgrades that are anticipated to be completed by the end of September.  This problem affects about 3000 individuals whose APT credentials expire this month.  Those certifications have been extended to address this issue. 

  In addition, there are other LEARN limitations where completed coach certifications are not added to the database.  If anyone experiences this problem and multiple attempts fail to correct the issue, USA Swimming recommends emailing LEARN directly and they will directly add the certification to the coach’s record.

  Finally, the Red Cross systems that support many coach certifications apparently are not always completing the requisite certificate.  The Red Cross is working with their vendor to correct the problem but a screen print or other record to validate the course completion and to substitute for the certificate is recommended until the problem is corrected (both USAS CEO Tim Hinchey and Director of Sport Development Joel Shinofield are experiencing the problem first hand).


USA Swimming Will Offer 2022 Zoom Enterprise Licenses

  USA Swimming has extended the current agreement with Zoom to again offer enterprise licenses to clubs and LSC’s for 2022.  PNS will be asking clubs if they wish to renew or purchase a new license for Zoom use.  The price is increased from last year ($240 for 2022) but represents a good value if a club needs the video-conference system.


USA Swimming Training Camps Are Restarting

  USA Swimming has announced that plans are now underway to restart the training camps that have been on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  The OPC has not yet opened the Colorado Training Facilities, so the camps are planned for Chula Vista, California.  Testing will be required, and the camps will operate under California COVID protocols.  One limitation will be that home coaches will not be permitted to join the athletes at this time.