Melissa Dietz

Updates from WITHIN PNS

Oct. 28, 2021


PNS December Championships Meets Planning

  PNS continues to develop plans to provide the opportunity for as many swimmers as possible to compete at a Championship event during December.   Program Operations, the Technical Planning Committee, along with many coaches and others, are working hard to complete the planning for the PNS champs meets in December.  More information will be available in the coming weeks.  Most recently, additional planning has focused on 10&U meet alternatives as well as finalizing the qualifying time standards for the December meets. 

PNS Treasurer Transition

  Due to unforeseen developments, Lorraine Masse is resigning as the PNS Treasurer and leaving the PNS Board at the end of October.  As PNS Treasurer, Lorraine has been one of the key players guiding PNS through the COVID pandemic financially.  It was through Lorraine's efforts that PNS received two COVID-19 PPP grants which helped alleviate withdrawals from PNS financial reserves.  Lorraine has also spearheaded the new annual financial assessment process in addition to providing thorough budget and income statements and visibility to the Board. Please thank Lorraine for her outstanding support to the LSC in a very demanding volunteer position.  PNS wishes Lorraine all the best as she continues her myriad other activities.

  For the short term, Dave Baer, Finance Vice-Chair, will handle Treasurer duties and work with the Governance Committee to determine the appropriate plans to select a successor for Lorraine.

New “Voice” of Pacific Northwest Swimming

   As previously announced, Melissa Dietz has now joined PNS.  The transition from Colleen Buchanan to Melissa is underway.  Melissa is currently working in the PNS Office with Colleen as she learns about her duties as the PNS Office Manager and Registrar.  Colleen and Melissa are sharing responsibilities to ensure that all current activities such as club registrations (due Nov. 1) are successfully completed.  Expect to hear more and read more (emails) from Melissa as she fully assumes the role of PNS Office Manager and all that it entails.  Please welcome Melissa to the LSC.  

  Colleen has provided outstanding support to Pacific Northwest Swimming for more than two decades and PNS wishes her a happy and enjoyable retirement “spoiling” her grandkids.  Watch for details on a PNS celebration of Colleen’s service and to thank her for her dedication to the LSC.