PNS General Chair UPDATES

Melissa Stiner

What’s PNeu -  December 2, 2021

PNS December Championships Meets Entry Protocols

    Per King County Health regulations, all athletes, coaches, volunteers, spectators, etc., aged 12 and older, entering WKCAC must either prove that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of each visit to WKCAC (which means that, for a multiple day meet, multiple tests may be required). In addition, the masking requirement continues. Program Operations Chair Suzanne Rychlik reviewed the processes that will be used to check all people entering the facility during two meetings of coaches, club leaders, and parents on Tuesday.

There will be limited parking available at the site so the Little League lot is available for parking. There will be a single driveway entrance to the facility that will be entry for the COVID testing site, the pool and for athlete drop-off prior to parking. The presentation as well as a video explaining the processes, masking, parking (including maps) and drop-off instructions are available on the PNS website at:

            Website          Watch the Video

  Please communicate this to your club members, parents and other attendees to the December Champs meets.  

While PNS shares your angst with these new limitations, it is a condition of hosting meets at KCAC and does feel like it is a doable proposition with a good system in place. It is the only way to provide PNS swimmers with the opportunity to compete at a large, Prelim / Finals structured meet consistent with past practices and to ensure that those opportunities to compete at WKCAC continue.  To ensure that competitions at KCAC continue, the PNS Board approved a new policy that provides that non-compliance may involve law enforcement to remove an individual from the facility and that the incident will be submitted to the USA Swimming National Board of Review as a violation of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct (Article 304).


2022 Age Group All-Star Meet

 PNS will select an Age Group All-Star Team for the upcoming Pacific Coast All-Star Meet scheduled for January 8-9 in Pacifica, California. The competition allows swimmers aged 11-12 and 13-14 to race against their peers from the Southern California, Pacific and Oregon LSC’s. Due to COVID precautions, the 2022 All Star meet will be family travel (unlike previous years where the LSC provided team travel). Swimmers interested in participating must apply to compete and a team of 32 athletes will be selected by PNS. More information regarding the meet and the Application to attend are available at:

PNS Events Page  Under Title: All Star Team Information and Athlete Application

Applications are due by midnight of the day following the December Champs Meet for that Age Group (Dec. 6 and Dec. 13, respectively).


2022 USA Swimming House of Delegates

  Although the next USA Swimming House of Delegates is not scheduled until September, 2022, each LSC must designate an initial slate of delegates by Dec. 15, 2021. As a result of last September’s changes to the USAS By-Laws, PNS will have 4 delegates, 3 of whom must be non-athlete coaches. Anyone interested in being a PNS representative at the national level (for legislation and governance) can contact the PNS Office and should plan to attend the (virtual) Legislative Review session scheduled as a session during the Zone Workshop scheduled for April 22-24. Athletes will be represented via the Athlete Council which will select the athlete delegates to the HOD.