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Melissa Stiner

Updates from Around USA Swimming

Dec. 9, 2021


Last Day to Submit Coaches Advisory Council Applications!

  Today (Thursday, December 9) is the last day for nominations to the USAS Coach Advisory Council to be submitted.  The purpose of the Council is to represent all USA Swimming coaches and ensure their voices are heard in the governance process. The Council is planning to meet quarterly, and meetings will be virtual.   The Council was created at the September 25, 2021, House of Delegates meeting.   Terms are for 3 years and there is a limit of 2 terms.  Application forms as well as the eligibility criteria are available on the USA Swimming website:

 USA Swimming News

Application form: click here

This is a new opportunity for coaches to be involved on a national committee and to influence the direction of the organization!

Obtaining Club Certificates of Insurance


  As announced in November, USA Swimming has contracted with a new broker for the general liability and excess liability coverage: Insurance Office of America (IOA).  The insurance is available to all LSC’s and member clubs.  Certificates of Insurance for 2022 can be obtained via two means:

  1. From the site link: click here

where there is a form to submit the information and IOA will then create the certificate and send it to the club within 24 hours.

  1. By emailing the fully completed IOA-USA Swimming General Liability Certificate Request Form (available on page 5 of the packet) to 

[email protected]

COVID Risk and Liability Statements and Waiver Extended through August

   At its meeting earlier this week, the USA Swimming Board approved the continuation of the current sanction wording on risk and liability and the waiver requirement due to COVID-19 through August, 2022.  This completes both the current membership year and includes the long course season.  And everyone is hoping that the restrictions and protocols will be removed by that time.  The Board also approved the relaxation of several of the current requirements on capacity, ingress, and egress, but continued the requirement that sanctions must adhere to all state, local and facility regulations.  None of the approved changes are more restrictive than the protocols that are currently in effect through the end of 2021.

Zoom Enterprise Licenses Will Be Continued for 2022

  USA Swimming extended the deadline for requesting Zoom enterprise licenses at the USAS discount rate through Dec. 8 and enough additional orders were received to renew the USAS-Zoom agreement.  Further information will be provided prior to the year-end USAS closure.  Invoices for the purchases are anticipated to be issued in January or February. 

Coach Engagement Survey Completed

  The effort to survey coaches regarding the support from USA Swimming has concluded.  More than 1700 coaches were involved at some point and the efforts concluded with focus group sessions just after Thanksgiving.  The survey group was balanced across gender.  The study provider, Telesport Analytics, is planning to provide the results and report to the USA Swimming Board in February, 2022.

Field Services and LSC Support Expansion

  The USA Swimming Board this week also reviewed and approved proposals from the staff to expand the size of the Field Services and LSC Development teams in 2022.  Efforts will start in January, 2022 with the introduction of new staff and explanation of revised LSC assignments.  More detail will be available in the January meeting.

Publication of RuleBooks

At the September Annual Business Meeting, the Delegates approved a measure to restore the delivery of RuleBooks to all members.  However, the Board has determined that the House does not have the authority to fiscally encumber the organization.  Instead, USAS will provide an option for individuals to request a copy of the RuleBook.  The request function should be implemented next week and will be announced in the Officials Newsletter and through other media.  To fund this, club copies will be reduced from two to one.  LSC’s, committee chairs and others will continue to receive copies as was done this year.  USAS expects to order the RuleBook printing in January.

On-Line Registration Implementation

  The IT staff of USAS feels that the development of the new On-line registration system is approximately 90% complete.  Discussions with the 3rd party information providers has begun; first with Team Unify.  Three registrars have been deeply involved in the development and now have been given their test account access.  The Board saw a demonstration of the functionality of the new system during its meeting.  

BC Coach Abi Liu Describes the National Select Camp

  Bellevue Club Head Coach Abi Liu was honored to be part of the coaching team for this year’s National Select Camp.  She describes the challenges and the experience and the expectations for the future on the USA Swimming website:

USA Swimming News

  Congratulations to Abi!