Melissa Stiner

Updates from Around USA Swimming

May 12, 2022


Annual PNS House of Delegates Meeting Completed Successfully

  Last Saturday, May 7, PNS conducted the annual House of Delegates Meeting.  126 individuals participated in the session which is outstanding – more athletes and members involved and aware of the efforts to conclude the 2022 season and to plan the 2022-2023 season.  33 of the 43 clubs had 3 voting delegates in attendance and an additional 3 clubs were represented by at least 1 representative.

  Thank you to all the attendees and the voting delegates for providing the confirmation of the PNS activities.  

PNS House of Delegates Elects New Board Members

  The PNS House of Delegates elected new Board members to several positions and other current members were elected to different positions.  John Skroch becomes the new General Chair of PNS after serving as the Administrative Vice-Chair.  Jerry Chen of Cascade Swim Club, becomes the new Athlete Jr. Representative to the Board.  Alice Godfred moved from her previous role as a Coaches Representative as she was elected as the Program Development Vice-Chair.  Chris Coghill, Head Coach, BBST, joins Chad Winkle as the Coaches Representatives to the Board.  Kara Forbis, CSC Site Coach, is the new Age Group Vice Chair.  Alex Reed, King Head Coach, and Troy Buglio, OCA Head Age Group Coach, join the Board as the At-Large Representatives. Please welcome these volunteers to the Board and support their leadership.

  Many thanks to Carolyn Ackerley, Laurae Briggs, Njck Chevalier, David Orr and Regan Rowe who have completed their terms as Board members.  Their efforts have been greatly appreciated and PNS wishes them well in their next endeavors.  

Volunteer for a Position on the PNS Board of Directors

  Although many positions were filled through the elections at the HOD, three positions are still vacant.  Please consider volunteering to lead PNS by applying to join the Board as:  Administrative Vice-Chair, Finance Vice-Chair, or Secretary.  In addition, the Governance Committee which advises the Board and conducts the search for nominees is seeking a new member.  Please contact the PNS Office is you or someone you know is possibly interested in one of these positions.