On April 1, 2017 USA Swimming will transition from its current background check vendor, SterlingBackCheck, to its new partner, IntelliCorp Records.  This should not have a significant effect on the process by which members complete their background checks.  The process remains as follows:

  1. Members will initiate the background check through the USA Swimming website at www.usaswimming.org/backgroundcheck.  
    1. New members will select Option 1: New Member Background Check
    2. Renewing members will select Option 2: Renewal Background Check
  2. The member will be redirected to the IntelliRecords USA Swimming portal where they will be asked to (1) digitally sign a Disclosure, Authorization, and the USA Swimming Code of Conduct; (2) fill out their personal information and submit payment.
  3. The cost for all members the first time they complete a background check with Intellicorp is $38.  Subsequent renewal checks are $18, but may also be $38 under the new company.
  4. Results will be returned to the member via email within 7-14 business days.
  5. Results will be automatically updated in SWIMS to reflect the new BGC expiration date.