Clinicians and Observers
Name  email Admin Stroke & Turn Starter Referee
Dave Baer [email protected] C      
Aline Bensen [email protected]   C C O
Erin Darrah [email protected] O      
Dick Chapman [email protected] O      
Rick Cox [email protected]   C O C
John Gagliardo [email protected]     O C
David Guffey [email protected]   C C O
Bob Keller [email protected] C C O O
Earl Long [email protected]   C O  
Brad Tucker [email protected]   C O  
Linda Vicik [email protected] C      
David Warren [email protected] C      
C=Clinician (conducts training for the position)
O = Observer (can conduct Ref, Starter, and/or AO Observations as Clinician's designee)
Observations not required for S&T certification