Become a Swim Official
Your Team Needs You

Swim Officials are one of the key roles that support the operation of a swim meet, without Officials, a swim meet can not take place.

What is an official: Technical officials are the people in white who are responsible for ensuring that the rules of swimming are upheld and that all swimmers have the opportunity to compete fairly in whatever events they swim. At any meet, there is a range of different officials including referee(s), starter(s), judges (stroke, finish and turns), and administrative.


Why do we have them: Officials are present at all competitions to implement the technical and administrative rules of swimming, thus ensuring that the competition is fair and equitable for everyone. A minimum number of officials are required at each session of a meet for the swimmers’ times to be official.

You do not have to have knowledge or experience with swimming to become an official!

Here is how to get started!

Choose which position you would like to work. The two positions listed below are entry-level positions and where you will begin your journey.

Stroke & Turn Judges: 
The stroke judge walks along the side of the pool. The stroke judge ensures compliance with the rules pertaining to the mechanics of the swim such as the arm stroke and kick. The turn judge observes the swimmers from either the start/finish end or turn end of the pool. The turn judge is responsible for judging the starts, finishes, and turns during the race. The stroke and turn positions frequently are combined into one position called stroke and turn judge.

Administrative Official (AO):
The administrative official is responsible for the accuracy of the swimmer’s times at the meet. They manage confirmation of official times and resolve timing Issues and manage administrative paperwork

Once you have chosen the position you will need to register for a clinic. During the clinic, you will be instructed on the rules of swimming along with the correct procedures to follow. You are given instructions on the steps you will need to complete for your certification.


Clinic registration is easy, just click this link and register for the one that works best for you. Pacific Northwest Swimming Site - Clinics


Swimmers need you to Officiate to make their competition count!