Observed Meets

USA Swimming has set up policies and guidelines for entering times data into the SWIMS system. Times achieved in meets that are not sanctioned or approved by USA Swimming may qualify for entry into SWIMS if the meet is authorized as an “Observed Meet”.  Approval for meets is done on a case-by-case basis. Please see policy and procedures for observed meets in PNS Officials’ Policy and Procedures.

The applications must be filled out by the Meet Referee. When the form is complete, please email it to [email protected]

The PNS Officials Committee will review it, and the Chair (or his/her designee) will send it to the USA Swimming Times and Recognition Committee Chair, for final approval. Upon approval, the Meet Referee will be notified by email of the Observed Meet Approval number. Additionally, the number will be posted on the PNS Website under “Meets Accepted for Observed Status”.

  • Note that the only observed meets for which PNS/USA swimming records will be recognized are the Boys and Girls State Championship High School meets.

  The following is a summary of the requirements for “Observed” status:

  • The meet is conducted under technical rules other than USA Swimming (e.g., high school, NCAA, Masters).
  • The Meet Referee will provide swimmers and coaches with information about the observation program and the procedures used to request observation. Requests may be submitted prior to the swim for which observation is desired, or all swims may be observed.
  • Any non-conforming USA Swims (including suit and tape violations) will be documented and forwarded to PNS.

At the conclusion of the meet the following items must be emailed to the PNS office, at [email protected]:

  1. MM backup file
  2. List of non-conforming USA swims (include swimmer’s Name, Event, Heat, and Lane)



Date Meet Name Type Meet Number Pool Meet Referee
9/24 5th Annual Girls Swimvitational Invite 2209-OHS-M02 Olympic, Silverdale Rubie
10/8 Mukilteo Invite - Girls Invite 2210-OHS-M01 KCAC Sopher
10/28-10/29 KingCo Conference Girls Champs 2210-OHS-L04 Mary Wayte Robertson
10/28-10/29 WCD District 3 Girls Champs Champs 2210-OHS-D05 Mt. Tahoma Murphy
10/28-10/29 WCD District 4 Girls Champs Champs 2210-OHS-D06 Curtis Cox
10/28-10/29 3A Metro Girls Champs Champs 2210-OHS-D13 Snohomish Baer
11/4-11/5 SeaKing District 2 3A/4A Girls Champs Champs 2211-OHS-D03 Mary Wayte Girotto
11/4-11/5 NW District 1 2A Girls Champs Champs 2211-OHS-D07 Fidalgo Pohl
11/3-11/5 NW District 1 4A Girls Champs Champs 2211-OHS-D08 Snohomish Limberg
11/4-11/5 NW District 1 3A Girls Champs Champs 2211-OHS-D09 Snohomish Phung
11/11-11/12 WIAA 2A Girls State Champs Champs 2211-OHS-S10 KCAC Cox
11/11-11/12 WIAA 3A Girls State Champs Champs 2211-OHS-S11 KCAC Cox
11/11-11/12 WIAA 4A Girls State Champs Champs 2211-OHS-S12 KCAC Cox

When meet files have been received and times uploaded to SWIMS the meet will appear under Meet/Results>Results indicating the date times were uploaded to SWIMS.   Should an athletes time NOT appear in SWIMS the USA Swimming Coach should contact the PNS Office.

DO GIVE THE PNS OFFICE SOME TIME AFTER THE FILE HAS BEEN UPLOADED TO SWIMS TO RUN REPORTS TO MANUALLY MATCH HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES TO USA MEMBER RECORDS.  Remind athletes it is important the DOB is in the high school meet file to aid in that manual process.