Board of Directors (with chaired committees) - ELECTION RESULTS 5/8/21

Non-Board of Director Chaired Committees/Coordinators (with Chair and Division)

  • Electronic Publications Committee - Vacant (Administrative)
  • Membership/Registration Coordinator - [email protected] - Melissa Stiner (Administrative) 
  • Technical Planning Committee - [email protected] -   (Program Development)
  • Awards Banquet Committee - Vacant - (Program Development)
  • Meet Scheduling Committee - (TBD)
  • Meet Sanctioning Committee - [email protected] - Linda Vicik (Program Operations)
  • Open Water Committee - [email protected] 
  • Disability Swimming Committee - [email protected] - Kiko VanZandt (Age Group) 

Other Committees/ Task Forces / Coordinators:

  • Competition Pools Task Force - (Develop a plan to support pool construction and maintainence)  MEMBERS:  Ken Spencer (Chair), Tom Wunderlich, David Orr, Chad Winkle, Grace Brown - CONSULTANTS:  Alice Godfred, Suzanne Rychlik 
  • Governance Committee - John Skroch, Grace Brown, Linda Vicik, Molly Cady, Jay Girotto

BOD Manual

BOD Orientation Powerpoint