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White Group Practice

BLUE GROUP Coach's Notes
Updated 3/24/20

Notes from the Coach

Hi Blue Group,


CLICK HERE to find the dryland workouts that your swimmer should be able to do at home over the next two weeks.  Our goal was that most of the exercises would be able to be completed in your garage, front yard, around the neighborhood.


1) What if I don’t have some equipment?  Improvise!  We have provided some suggestions of alternate equipment if you don’t have something.  No medicine balls?  Use a basketball but pick up the speed.  No dumbbells?  Find heavier cans around the kitchen/garage!


2) What if I don’t understand the exercise? We are working on a handy video to be completed this week that will fill in the blanks for some of our swimmers.  If you don’t get it, skip it- you can check out what to do when the video comes!


3) How often do I do this?  We have an “A” and “B” workout we want the swimmers to alternate for at least 4 days a week.  The “extra” spot can be any runs/hikes/mixing of the workouts you want to do!  The amount increases for each exercise as we work through the week.  The workout that includes the run should be a bit longer in total time it takes to complete, while the other is a bit shorter!


4) How do I report what I do?  Below is a link to a Google spreadsheet where you can check in on if you completed your workout for the day.  This is shared with your whole group so we can all see that we are working out together still!



5) BONUS YOGA:  I saw this provided by Jeff Grace on SwimSwam- his online Yoga for Swimmers program is going to be free until May 31 st.  My point of view- try it out!  Shoot me some feedback- this could be a great time to check out something new!




7) YouTube Dryland Instruction from Coach Paolo - CLICK HERE