CCA COVID-19 Information

Updated: 1/13/22

With the increase in COVID cases along with new guidelines we are aligning our protocols closely with the local school districts policies moving forward.  

1) If your child is fully vaccinated and has contact we recommend a test but they can continue to attend if they are negative/show no symptoms.

2) If your child is unvaccinated and comes into close contact (IE- same classroom) with a positive case we recommend a test taken day 5 after exposure.  If they are NEGATIVE they can return to workouts.

3) If your child test POSITIVE in the example above: 
    A) If they have no symptoms they can return after 5 days if on day 5 after the positive test they are now NEGATIVE on a test on day 5.  (Example:  They have a positive test on Wednesday, show no symptoms, and then have a negative test on Sunday, they may return to workout on Monday.
    B) If they HAVE symptoms they can return after 5 days of no symptoms + a negative test.
(Example: Positive test & symptoms on Wednesday, symptoms subside on Saturday, negative test on the following Thursday means they can return to workouts.)

4) If swimmer is in close contact and chooses not to take a test then your swimmer is to stay out 10 days. (Example- exposed in close contact on Monday, the swimmer can return to workout the following Wednesday).

We understand that again we are in a challenging time, but our staff is completely understanding of the steps families need to take to keep the swimmers and team healthy.  We have been telling the athletes "if in doubt- stay out!" until they know!  A day of rest & a test  is  definitely preferred vs. the swimmer showing up and getting their teammates possibly sick- this is a good policy even pre-COVID!

If you have any additional questions please reach out and we will provide the best guidance we can.  Stay healthy,

Coach Justin, the CCA Staff, and the CCA Board of Directors