CCA Fall Honor Roll!

CCA Webmaster
Feb 11, 2019

Congratulations to our 44! swimmers who made the CCA Fall Honor Roll!  We have some great students at CCA ~ way to represent the team with hard work in the classroom!  Go CCA!!

Athletes listed below are in 7th Grade or above and achieved a 3.5 or better for the Fall 2018 Semester!  Congratulations to these great Student-Athletes! (*by the name means 4.0 or better!)
Blue Group
Garrett Strub* Nicole Mishriky
Red Group
Shane Carter     Noah Heitman   Elizabeth Ilyuts* Aybergen Kushubek*   Aaron Tran*   
Faris Waheed*     Michael Warnes  Orlando Zamora-Ortiz
Kyra Burns* Mary Brooke Chandler*  Lauren Costa*    Makenna Fredericksen   
Victoria Lin*  Emma Ortiz*  Samantha Sim  Dakota Surface Mia Verwoest*  
Tavia Verwoest   Kaleb Wolfinger    Lily Wolfinger*
Taylor Aubry*   Jackson Carter   Rachel Cortez*  Matthew Crouch*  Jacob Hutchings 
Matthew Neagu*  Benson Nguyen     LilyAna Pascalau*  Bryce Patrocinio   Claire Phillips*   
Coltin Sanders*   Ethan Tran*  Leah Winter    Jocelyn Wolfinger* 
Mac Cusanelli    Ellicia LaMadrid*   Diana Neagu  Matthew Ng 
Simone Sapico*   Sofie Swayne   Isabella Vachusaka*  Alex Wu*