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CCA Fall Team 2022
Fast Fun in the Fall for Swimmers 6-12 Years Old



AGES: 6-12 Years Old

SKILL LEVEL: Newer to competitive swimming or just wanting to stay in the water a little bit with a busy Fall Schedule.  Preferred experience: Seasonal swimming (SEAWOLVES), CCA Pre-Comp or other similar summer rec swimming experience.

COACHING: Clinic style format to emphasize foundational skills along with mixing in some fun work and racing! 

COMPETITION: Option to participate in 2 USA Swim Meets over the program duration.  (Meet entry fees will be required). 
NSS “The Plunge” Meet Sept 17-18
CCA Spooktacular Oct 7-9

PRACTICE TIMES: 3 Days a week between Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 7:00- 8:00 PM. Final weekly schedule will be released when our friends at Woodcreek High School Water Polo finalize their home meet schedule- we do NOT have workouts days Water Polo hosts a match.
DATES: Info meeting on Thursday, Sept 1st.  Week night practices (3x a week) September 6th- October 27th
COST: $260 (Includes T-Shirt & Cap!) plus Required Fee for USA Swimming Flex membership for $20.  If you are currently a USA Swimming Member you do NOT need to pay the Flex fee!

MULTI SWIMMER DISCOUT AVAILABLE? YES Sign up 2-3 swimmers in the same family and receive a 15% discount on EACH Swimmer! ~ $20 USA Flex Membership still required for each.  (Four or more Siblings enrolled will receive a 25% Discount Off!)   Note- discount applied to programs of equal or lesser value.  Programs eligible for discount include Pre-Competitive Fall Session 1, Fall Starter Program, and Fall Team.


Does my swimmer need to tryout if we were part of the SeaWolves this summer? NO they can join up!  The coaching staff will help approve them for the program as long as they sign up during the SeaWolves registration period July 6th-July 19th .  If you are a SeaWolves swimmer you will need to try and sign up again during the open registration period later in August.

My swimmer is 13 years old (or older) and we do not qualify/are not interested in the Starter Program but want to stay in the water, what are our options? The CCA SILVER Group (formerly Training Group) would be a great fit!  There is a lot of flexibility in this group in terms of attendance and being able to train along with participating in another sport.  We do not offer a discount/programming deal for this group due to it’s already affordable price and popularity/size, swimmers will have to register for CCA Year Round ($150 one-time registration) and pay the monthly dues. SEAWOLVES FAMILIES REMINDER- if you HAVE been on CCA Year-Round for the 2021-2022 season before joining the SeaWolves for 2022 you do NOT have to re-pay the $150 registration again!  Coach Sierra is the lead for this group and will be glad to answer any questions you may have!

I was on another seasonal rec team this summer or am coming from swim lessons, do I need to have my swimmer tryout?  YES!  If they have competitive times, please provide those to the coaching staff during tryouts.  Tryout times will be posted on the CCA webpage and will be occurring through the middle 3 weeks of August.

Are there attendance requirements, and does my swimmer HAVE to attend meets? There are not attendance requirements, the design of this program is for swimmers who have other fall activities but want to stay in the water!  They do NOT have to attend meets- but that is part of the fun of Fall team so it is encouraged!  Please note that if your swimmer(s) signs up for either the Spooktacular or Fall Team Invite meets there will be a requirement for families to volunteer in order for their swimmer to compete in the event.

What do they need for workouts? Swimmers need to come prepared in their suits, goggles, and CCA swim cap.  If they have their own swim equipment (kick board/fins) great bring them in! We do have that equipment they can borrow.

Are meet fees included? No- USA Swim meets require separate entry fees.  Coaches will help swimmers select and approve events for both meets if they choose to attend.  Spooktacular is a larger meet with up to 800 swimmers (split into an AM and PM session).  The Fall Team Invite is a short fun meet with a few of our local Fall Teams so the swimmers can finish the season strong!

If my swimmer wants to keep swimming can they join year-round after then end of this program? Absolutely!  Our staff will provide information to those interested on how to join CCA Swimming’s year-round program.