Additional Swim Programs Information and FAQ

Q: What is the CCA Starter Program

A: Our Starter Program is designed for swimmers to get an opportunity to see what year-round swimming and CCA is all about!  Swimmers train within a current CCA Group at their appropriate skill level and are encouraged to compete at USA Swimming Meets.  Get the training, competition, and experience the fun of USA Swimming for a short period of time!   You can register HERE!

The Starter Program's three objectives:

1. To introduce swimmers to the CCA year-round program and USA Swimming.

2. To further develop stroke technique.

3. To give swimmers a chance to experience a USA Swimming Meet. 

Q: What is CCA Pre-Competitive Program

A: Our Pre-Competitive Program, or “Pre-Comp”, is our set of programs and clinics that help support and open the door to competitive swimming!  Whether that means preparing swimmers for their seasonal summer teams or setting them on the path to join the CCA team full time, we are here to support their goals!  You can register HERE!

Q: Is Pre-Comp a “learn to swim” program? NO! 

A: While we definitely will take competitive beginners, we do have minimum swim requirements to join each respective program.  If you are new to the sport and need to start in a learn to swim program, our friends at the City of Roseville Parks & Rec department have an excellent program we strongly encourage you to join!  Click HERE for City of Roseville learn to swim options!

Q: How do I sign up & do I need to tryout? 

A: Our next Starter and Pre-Competitive Sessions are scheduled for the Spring of 2019! 

You may contact us at or select a TRYOUT date and timeslot. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, we can help us direct you to the correct program!  

Additional information about our STARTER Program info can be here

Additional information about our PRE-COMP Program info can be here

Q: What are the fees? 

A: Each program has a different fee structure, please see the notes in each session descriptions.  Additionally, swimmers must register with USA Swimming for insurance purposes in order to practice and compete with a USA Swimming team - FLEX Membership is recommended for most of the swimmers participating in our additional seasonal programs.   

Q: What is a USA Swimming Flex Membership?  

A: This USA Swimming membership allows athletes to be covered USA Swimming Insurance at all practice and events.  Athletes are also allowed to compete in up to two sanctioned swim meets a year - perfect for the new swimmer!  COST is just $20!   

Q: Where can I sign up for a USA Swimming Flex Membership?  

A: You can sign-up and pay for a USA Swimming Membership on-line at  

Q: What do equipment will I need? 

A: We recommend our swimmers have a comfortable “training/competitive” style swim suit (no two pieces) and goggles.  We have some training equipment the swimmers may use, and with some programs they will receive a free CCA swimming cap!

Q: What are the different programs within Pre-Comp? 

A: Pre-comp Sessions: Within our main PRE-COMP program the sessions may vary (depending on the session!)  Within each session there are a few groups based on skill level with a set of expectations the swimmer must meet to move to the next level.  The goal is to introduce the swimmer to regular training in a small group atmosphere so they are set up for success when they join the CCA year-round program.  The coach to swimmer ratio goal for each of these groups is 6-8 to one coach.  The coach may be in the water with the athletes in the younger groups.  

Clinics: Clinics range from a few days to a few weeks of training.  They can be broad and serve as a “refresher course” or they can have a specific purpose (high school condition training, start clinics, etc).  These are offered at different points throughout the year.  Clinics have a higher coach to swimmer ratio and are more of a large group teaching environment.  Fees depend on the duration of the clinic.

Fall Program: Our Fall program works as a continuation of summer season training- with an emphasis on fun and skills!  This program runs from early September through mid-November.  Practices are 3-4 times a week, with occasional “intersquad” meets on Fridays!  Swimmers are also encouraged to tryout a USA Swimming meet or two during their time with the fall program! 

Starter Program: This is for swimmers who are exploring making the change from seasonal swimming to year-round swimming at CCA!  After a tryout the swimmers will be placed with a regular CCA year-round training group at their appropriate level.  They will get to experience the expectations and team feel we work hard to promote here at CCA!  At the completion of the program, the swimmers will be given the option to join the year-round team!

Q: What if I have more questions? 

A: Please contact us at!  A member of our Coaching Staff or Board of Directors will get back to you and be glad to answer any additional questions you have!