CCA Pre-Comp
 Learn to Compete!

CCA Pre-Comp Program Level Descriptions


Our Pre-Comp Program will be divided into 3 levels designed to prepare swimmers to compete at USA Swimming meets and develop their skills to handle training with the CCA year-round team.  Each level will be designed to maintain a low coach to swimmer ratio so the athletes get the necessary instruction needed.  Advancement through the program will be decided by the coaching staff, with regular communication and reports provided to the swimmer and their families.  Generally, if a swimmer is ready to advance their group placement will change at the conclusion of the session, however the coaching staff reserves the right to changes the placement of a swimmer at any time if it is in the best interest of that athlete.  Once an athlete has shown proficiency at the skills focus in PC3 they may be invited to join the CCA year-round team in the Race Prep group.

PC 1:
Requirements: Can float on Front and Back after entering water, has concept of Freestyle and Backstroke
Training Breakdown: 100% Instruction
Stroke/Skill Focuses
Free- Kick with Big Arms/Side Breathe
Back- Kick and Body Position
Breaststroke- Concept/intro to kick
Butterfly- Kick and Body Motion intro
Turns- Push off underwater correctly
Flip Turns- Jump off bottom and summersault
Starts- Kneeling Dive
Kicking in streamline on Back and Stomach
Training Test: 4x25@1:00 Kick, 4x25 Freestyle @ 1:00
Meet attendance: when freestyle/backstroke approved by coach- encouraged to try 25 free/back at meet

PC 2:
Requirements: Swim free with concept of side break, swim 25 backstroke with long arms, understands motions/concepts of Butterfly and Breaststroke
Training Breakdown: 70% instruction, 30% training
Stroke/Skill Focuses
Free- Big arms and learning side breathing pattern- connecting kick in stroke
Back- Kick and Rotation with good body position
Breaststroke- Developing legal kick into streamline, introduction of pulldown
Butterfly- Kick and learning timing/breathing (fins use)
Turns- Push off streamline correctly
Flip Turns- INTRO Flip at wall & push off streamline on back & stomach
Starts- Kneeling Dive & Standing dives from sides
Training Skills- Use of pace clock (simple times)
Training Test: Kick: 6x25 Kick @ 1:00, Free 3x50 @ 1:30  Sprint Challenge: 6x25 @ :50, Aerobic Challenge: 1x100 Free no stop
Meet attendance: 25 free/back at meets, intro to 50 free at meets

PC 3:
Requirements: Swim free with proper side breathing for a 50 or through challenge sets, Backstroke long arms for a 50 with streamline off walls, legal fly kick, developed legal breaststroke kick
Training Breakdown: 60% instruction, 40% training
Stroke/Skill Focuses
Free- Kick, side breath with different patterns, applying flip turns in training
Back- Kick and Rotation with proper finish & turn timing
Breaststroke- Legal kick with arms timing.  Understands pullout
Butterfly- Kick & breathing timing with proper arms (fin use)
Turns- Push off streamline correctly with travel kicks
Flip Turns- Flip at wall & push off streamline on back& able to rotate into freestyle
Starts- Kneeling Dive & Standing dives from sides, intro to block use
Training Skills: Use of pace clock (:05/:10/:15/:20 intervals)
Training Test: Kick: 6x25 Kick @ :45, Free 4x50 @ 1:20,  Sprint Challenge: 6x25 @ :20 rest, Aerobic Challenge: 2x100 Free @ :20 rest no stop during

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