Woodcreek SeaWolves now offered as a CCA Program! 


The Woodcreek SeaWolves is a competitive summer recreational swim team formed in 1995 made up of approximately 240 members ranging from ages 5-18.  Practices are held at the Roseville Aquatic Complex and their season runs from April to July each year.  The SeaWolves participate in the Northern California Swim League and have won many championships including the 2006, 2007, 2008 VFCAL Championships and most recently the 2019 Eureka Conference Championships! 

For the 2020 season, the City of Roseville no longer offered a recreational swim team and California Capital Aquatics Board of Directors began working with the City of Roseville to continue a recreational swim team option at the Roseville Aquatic Complex.  CCA’s goal is to continue the tradition of the Woodcreek SeaWolves and are focused on ensuring that the culture, atmosphere and success of the SeaWolves continue for years to come.

2021 SeaWolves RETURNER Information 


We are moving forward with plans to have our team in the water for the 2021 Season.  The NorCal Swim League is still working on details on what that season could look like.  Internally here at CCA, we will work to develop competitive opportunities throughout the season for the athletes regardless of what the NorCal Swim League decides.  We have been running Time Trial meets through the school year, and are about to shift to dual/tri/quad meets as we progress through the spring.  These lessons we have learned throughout the school year will apply to our seasonal program to provide the swimmers the competitive opportunities they have been missing!


Returning Registration will be a two-step process for the 2021 season:

  1. Registration Payments through the CCA Swimming website - All returning swimmer registration payments will be processed through http://www.CCASwimming.org this season. Due to the large number of families that chose to roll forward their 2020 season registration fees to 2021, we will have a separate registration for those families prior to opening the registration for the remaining families that received refunds in 2020. You must still go through the registration process even if you prepaid your fees. The registration and tryout dates are as follows:

            Priority 1: Returning Swimmer Registration (Prepaid in 2020):    February 11th – February 19th

            Priority 2: Returning Swimmer Registration (Not prepaid):           February 20th – March 2nd

            Priority 3: New Member Registration: TBD (After March 17th).
                              Openings/Tryout  Info Posted on March 3rd - March 12th.
                              TRYOUT WEEKEND March 13/14 at MSIP. 
                              New Members List Posted on Wed, March 17th. 

If you received a refund for your 2020 registration, please DO NOT register for the “Prepaid in 2020” registration – you will need to wait until the second registration group. Registrations may be found under Calendar & Events -> Registration. You will need to either login using previously set up credentials or create a new account. Most of you have participated in a CCA special program in the past and have existing accounts. As a reminder, your CCA account is separate from your account on the Woodcreek SeaWolves website.

  1. Register through the Woodcreek SeaWolves website - All the needed swimmer registration information such as swimmer and parent names, volunteer information, team waiver/certifications, emergency form, and participant waiver will be gathered via the team website at https://woodcreek.swimtopia.com/. Please do not register on the SeaWolves website until you have registered on the CCA website.

Please Note: If you have a child that intends to try out for the team and join his/her sibling(s) as SeaWolves, please do not include the tryout swimmer when completing the returning swimmer online registration process.  Once your new swimmer has completed tryouts and is successful, a registration link will be provided to you to add the sibling to your family profile.



For more details and information refer to your Returners Registration letter and visit the Woodcreek SeaWolves website.


2021 Tryout Information for New Swimmers MARCH 13 & 14, 2021 ~ Tryout Handbook


Tryout FAQs

Q: When are the 2021 SeaWolves Tryouts?

A: Tryouts are currently scheduled for Saturday March 13th and Sunday March 14th.  More details and Sign Up information will be posted once SeaWolves Returner Registration is complete in the beginning of March.

Q: How do I register my son/daughter for tryouts?

A: Registration for Tryouts is not required.

Q: What if I can’t make the first tryout (Tryout A)?

A: Tryout B will be held only if there are still openings in an age group after Tryout A. Please check the Woodcreek SeaWolves website to confirm openings in your child's age group and gender.

Q: Can I sign-up for the team prior to the tryouts?

A: Swimmers must attend tryouts to verify that they meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for the team. If there are less numbers of openings in an age group and gender than there are number of children who tryout, we will take the more advanced swimmer(s).

Q: What can I expect when I come to the tryout?

A: When you arrive at your tryout, you will be greeted by a Team Parent Board Member who will ask you to check in your swimmer. We will introduce the staff, briefly describe the tryout process and escort your child to the tryout area of the pool. We ask that parents wait in the bleachers during the tryout period. Coaches will call your child's name when it is their turn to tryout. They will be asked to perform the skill or stroke. After a child completes his/her tryout, they are free to go home.

Q: When will we know the results of the tryouts?

A: Results will be posted at the Roseville Sports Center, Roseville Aquatics Center, and the Mike Shellito Indoor Pool no later than the end of the next business day. You can also check the SeaWolves website.

Q: Once a swimmer makes the team, does the swimmer need to tryout again next year?

A: Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 14 volunteer hours during swim meets. If the family volunteer requirements have been met, swimmers in good standing do not have to tryout again next year.

Q: How do I know how many spots are open in each age group?

A: Available openings in each age group will be posted on the Woodcreek SeaWolves website.

Q: How many swimmers attend tryouts every year? How competitive is it to make the team?

A: The number of swimmers attending tryouts varies from year to year. There are usually more openings in the younger (6 and under, 7-8) age groups and the older (15-18) age group.

Q: What if I missed the tryouts this year?

A: CCA Swimming also offers a Pre-Competitive Spring, Summer and Fall Programs, contact [email protected] for additional details -AND- the City of Roseville also offers Learn to Swim Programs and Swim Lessons, information is available on the City of Roseville website.

Q: My child is currently 6 years old and turns 7 at the end of April. What age group will she tryout for: 6 and under or 7-8?

A: The age group that the swimmer competes in is determined by the swimmer's age as of June 15th.