Officials are needed to officiate the rules of swim by USA Swimming standards at our swim meets.  Officiating is a great way to meet other swim parents and you have a great view of the action in the pool!  Please contact our Official Chair at with any of your questions or if you are interested in becoming an official.  


Below are the things that must be completed to become an Official:

  1. Attend an informative classroom training to be educated on 'How To' officiate and what to look for.

  2. Sign up as a USA Swimming Member (CCA will reimburse you for USA Swimming Non-Athlete Membership and Bacjkground Check once you complete and pass all steps)

  3. Click here for the link to Initiate a Background Check

  4. Click here for the link to Athlete Protection Training

  5. Get officiating uniform pieces (Sierra Nevada LSC Officiating Dress Code):

  6. Complete six training sessions on deck with a mentor.

NOTE: Items 1-4 must be completed before you can start your training sessions.


CCA Official Incentive Program 

SNS Officials Information Page

SNS Officials Requirements

USA Swimming Official's Website