Officials are needed to officiate the rules of swim by USA Swimming standards at our swim meets.  Officiating is a great way to meet other swim parents and you have a great view of the action in the pool!  Please contact our Official Chair at [email protected] with any of your questions or if you are interested in becoming an official.  


Below are the things that must be completed to become an Official:

  1. Attend an informative classroom training to be educated on 'How To' officiate and what to look for.

  2. Sign up as a USA Swimming Member (CCA will reimburse you for USA Swimming Non-Athlete Membership and Bacjkground Check once you complete and pass all steps)

  3. Click here for the link to Initiate a Background Check

  4. Click here for the link to Athlete Protection Training

  5. Get officiating uniform pieces (Sierra Nevada LSC Officiating Dress Code):

  6. Complete six training sessions on deck with a mentor.

NOTE: Items 1-4 must be completed before you can start your training sessions.


CCA Official Incentive Program 

SNS Officials Information Page

SNS Officials Requirements

USA Swimming Official's Website