1.   Practices 7 times per week (5 afternoons, one morning and Saturdays) Each practice is 2 hours per session and Saturdays for 2+ hours.  Dryland training introduced at each practice.

2.   Refines technical and competitive skills and increases the emphasis on training.

3.   Educates swimmers regarding commitment level and achieving individual goals.

4.   Continues to improve the swimmer’s understanding of short-range goal setting and begins to explore long-range goals.

5.   Teaches parents and swimmers about the objectives of the program and the opportunities in swimming.

6.   Swimmers attend and compete in the appropriate meets scheduled by the coach.

7.   Provides swimmers with the opportunity to compete at out-of-town and regional meets (Far Westerns, Sectionals, Western Zones, etc).

8.   Provides swimmers with the skills to progress to the Senior Group level.


1.   Practice is held Monday through Saturday, 3 hours per workout with 2-3 double practices per week.  Dryland training is included in each practice. 

2.   Provides the experienced swimmer with an environment to achieve excellence in competitive swimming.

3.   The Senior Group provides inspiration to all swimmers on the team.

4.   Teaches the swimmer to take responsibility for his or her swimming goals.

5.   Improves the swimmer’s understanding of maintaining a commitment level that is consistent with his or her goals.  

6.   Increases the emphasis on the specificity of the swimmer’s training.

7.   Attends and competes in the appropriate meets scheduled by the coach including regional and national level meets.

8.   Gives swimmers the opportunity to attain a colle