2021 FALL Registration


FALL 2021 Mavericks Swimming Registration

If you are interested in participating please register in the correct group (this was provided to you at your assessment appointment with Coach Melina). Incorrect registrations may be rejected.  If your registration is not approved you will be notified and not be expected to pay anything.  Registration closes Saturday 10/30/2021 at 11:59pm.  

There is a $25 refund charge and a 30-day notice requirement to cancel an athlete registration. We will NOT accept pro-rations based on days athlete can attend per week.

We must annually update our MAAPP acknowledgement and agreement from ALL adult family members (both parents).  PLEASE register (re-register for returning athletes) all adult family members in the "Adult Member MAAP + Team Policies" roster group. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER FOR YOUR REGISTRATION TO BE COMPLETE AND FOR YOUR CHILD(REN) TO ATTEND ANY PRACTICES.