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Senior I & II

For those athletes who wish to develop their abilities either at the local club, high school, Sectional (Junior Nationals), Senior, or International level.

This group offers a 2 hour & 45 min workout 6 days a week during most of the year with summer offering 9 or more practices per week with 5,500 - 7,500 yardage per workout. At various times throughout the season some dry-land may be incorporated (i.e. stretching, stroke technique, core strength work, stretch cords, medicine balls, running, & weight training.)

This group has a wide range of abilities within an age range of 14 (8th grade) to college level swimmers. Our goal is for each athlete to reach his or her swimming potential and continue with their swimming career at the collegiate level.

Senior 1 - $138 per month ($110.00 +Family Fundraising)

Senior 2 - $155 per month ( $110.00 +Family Fundraising)



Team Apparel
Every swimmer on the team is expected to dress in team apparel for every meet.  To purchase any of the team apparel, including team parkas, please contact Theresa Andrews.

Senior I & II:  Required team uniform - team t-shirt, team suit (Black Arena jammer, brief, or one piece suit with the team logo), team swim caps in competition, Arena sweats, team bag, knit cap for winter meets.  Optional team uniform: Tru West Parka

Team Equipment

Senior I & II:  Required practice gear - kick board, pull buoy, Catalyst paddles, fins, gear bag, goggles, cap for swimmers with long hair, center mount snorkel.