Napa Valley Swim Team
Winter/Spring 2021 Spring Practice Schedule
This schedule will begin on Monday, January 11 and will be in effect until further notice.
Novice 1(Coach Gina)                       T & Th                         4:00-4:30 PM
Novice 2 (Coach Gina)                      T & Th                         3:30-4:00 PM
Age Group 1 (Coach Gina)                M-W-F                        3:30-4:30 PM 
Junior Varsity (Coach Beaver)          M-W-F                        3:30-4:30 PM
Age Group 2 (Coach Beaver)            M-W-F                        3:30-4:30 PM             
Advanced Age Group (Coach Green) M-F                          4:30-5:30 PM            
Pre-Seniors (Coach Beaver)              M-W-F                        4:30-5:30 PM
Seniors (Coach Green)                       T & Th                       3:30-5:30 PM       
                                                           F                                4:30-5:30 PM           
                                                           M & W                       3:30-4:15 PM Dryland
The accommodation of all the user groups at the Napa Valley College pool may require us to modify this schedule at any time, either temporarily or permanently. We will also consider changes in schedule if an opportunity for a more convenient or otherwise beneficial schedule becomes available. Thanks for your understanding. 
Please remember that in compliance with Covid-19 protocols of Napa County, Napa Valley College, and the Napa Valley Swim Team, spectators are not allowed anywhere in the pool area. Practices may be observed from outside the western or southern fences. All spectators must wear masks while on campus.