The Palo Alto Swim Club - Vision and  History



The Palo Alto Swim Club (PASA-Rinconada) caters to swimmers at many levels, who seek competitive training, from beginners to those who are qualified to compete at national meets. What they have in common is that they enjoy swimming, and find this club a friendly place in which to do it.



Our Vision

We envision a program that provides advanced level coaching to develop the total athlete at all levels of development, from beginning to internationally ranked competitors. PASA’s innovative program maximizes the results of time spent in the water by incorporating swimmer specific practices designed to enhance individual development, including strength, stretching, mental training, and team building.


The club was founded in 1955. It changed its name in 1961 to the Palo Alto Athletic Club, but re-emerged as the Palo Alto Swim Club in 1968. Its founder, John Williams, retired in 1986, and Steve Power was appointed Head Coach. When Steve Power moved on in 1992, Tony Batis took his place and remains the Head Coach to this day.

In 2003 the club became a founding member of Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PASA), which united the existing swim teams based in the area around Palo Alto and Stanford. The PASA team shares an overall philosophy and coaching style while retaining the original small-team feel of the individual sites.  To learn more about the different PASA sites, follow this link.  

Our site retains the legal name of Palo Alto Swim Club, but is more commonly know as PASA-Rinconada. And, at all swim meets and events, we, together with all the other sites, are known as simply, Palo Alto Stanford Aquatic or PASA.

During the course of its history, the Palo Alto Swim Club has had many distinguished swimmers, including several who have been ranked nationally and represented Team USA internationally.


The Palo Alto Swim Club has close ties with the City of Palo Alto, but is an independent organization run by a Board of Directors elected annually by the membership. Usually, one general meeting is held during the year at the awards banquet in September. All members are encouraged to attend. At this meeting, the club finances and other relevant matters are discussed with the members. The board meets monthly. Club parents are welcome to attend.