Q      How What name should I use when referring to our site and team?  PASC?  PASA? PASA-Rinconada? Rinc.?

A       Our site retains the legal name of Palo Alto Swim Club or PASC, but is more commonly known as PASA-Rinconada. And, at all swim meets and events, we, together with all the other sites, are know as simply, Palo Alto Stanford Aquatic or PASA.

When writing checks for monthly dues, signing up for programs like Amazon Smile, eScrip, and Employee Matching Programs, and any other legal or financial transactions that are specific to our site, the legal name of Palo Alto Swim Club or PASC should be used. 

When signing up or searching on USASwimming.org, SwimConnection.org, signing up for swim meets, and other activities that include multiple PASA sites, the encompassing team name of Palo Alto Swim Club or PASA should be used.

In most communications referring to our site, the name PASA-Rinconada or simply Rinc. will be used. Communication across multiple sites or articles in the media about our swimmers and club will use the PASA or Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics name.


Q      How do I join PASA?

A       You should first determine which PASA site works best for you and contact that site for further action.  If Rinconada is your preferred site, contact the appropriate age group coach of your child to set up a tryout. Details can be found in the swim groups section. Once your swimmer is accepted into the program you will fill out registration information online.  Once your online registration has been approved, you will have access to all the information on our website.  Most of the information you will need as a new family is on the website so please take some time to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of the club.  

If you would like to join another PASA site, click here  and look under 'PASA Sites' tab for contact information for the site you are interested in joining.

For joining PASA-Rinc., follow the instructions under the "Join PASA" tab on this website.


Q       Can anyone join PASA?

A        PASA is a competitive swimming program and swimmers need to try-out to determine if they are suitable for the program.  Starting in the fall of 2017, we are also offering a non-competitive program for ages 9-14.  To join either the competitive or non-competitive program, set up a try-out for your swimmer(s).  You will need to contact the relevant coach to arrange the time. Please determine the PASA site and coach appropriate for your swimmer. For the Rinconada site, details of the groups and coaches can be found in the swim groups section.



Q       How do I create an account on the PASA Rinconada web-site?

A        When initiating your online registration for the first time, you will be instructed to set-up an email and password for your account.  After completing your online registration, your account will be approved by our bookkeeper after all registration and first month of dues have been paid.  Once your account is approved, you will receive an email notifying you of your account password information.  At this point, you have access to the full PASA-Rinc. website.  


Q       What if I have problems logging in?

A        Please send email to [email protected] for assistance.


Q       Can our family have multiple email addresses registered on the web-site?

A        You can add email addresses in the “My Account” section of the web-site after you are logged in. However, each family has a single account, so there can only be one email registered as the login email. The additional email addresses are used for receiving communication from the team.


Q       Are there team photos on the web-site?

A        Parts of the web-site, including most team photos, are only visible to users after logging in. This allows for posting of material for team members only.


Q       Why are the latest results for my swimmer are not showing up in the My Meet Results section of My Account?

A        The most common reason for this is that the USA Swimming ID for your swimmer was not correctly entered. Check the meet entry information and compare to the ID we have on the web-site. Notify us or the swim meet director if there is an error.



Q       How do I get a login name for OnDeck Parent?

A        The login email and password for OnDeck Parent is the same as our web-site.


Q       What is the team alias for login?

A        Our team alias is “pspasc”. It is case sensitive.


Q       When I sync the application to the server, nothing seems to happen, why?

A        The initial sync to the server and any subsequent syncs that transfer a lot of information may take many minutes. The application looks like it no longer responds. You will require patience, it has always eventually resumed for me(!)



Q       When are payments due?

A        Payments are due monthly (all months except August which is a dues-free month).  Dues vary according to the practice group (for details see fees in the swim group section on the website).  Dues payments are processed on the 1st day of each month.  Note: attendance at one practice during the month obligates you to pay full dues for that month. 

Q       How do I pay?

A        There are 2 methods of payment:


1.       Payment by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. A monthly administrative fee of $10 will apply if using a credit card.  This is  a recurring monthly fee for all credit card charges incurred during the month.


2.       ACH/Direct Debit available on the My Account /Set-up Autopay section of the site.  This option is free of charge.

A swimmer pays Associate Membership when the swimmer does not swim at PASA {not even for one day a month} because the swimmer is on vacation or on a high school team {swimming, water polo, or some other high school team}.



Q       Which meets will my swimmer attend?

A        Your coach will guide you as to which meets are coming up and which ones your swimmer is eligible for.  Swimmers may also race at Candy meets which are designed for PASA swimmers to gain experience racing in a low-key, low-pressure environment.  After each race swimmers get a piece of candy!  


Q       How do I register for meets?

A        Check out instructions on the "How To . . . " section of our website.


Q       What do I need to do at meets?

A        When you first arrive at the meet swimmers should find the check in tables and get checked in.  This lets the meet officials know that you are at the meet and intend to swim.  Then find the coaches' tent around the edge of the pool and find your coach.  Find the Team tents to set your stuff down and then get ready to warm up!  Your coach will go over the warm up with you.


Q       Do I need to work at a meet?

A        You may sign up  beforehand to do a specific job at a meet that will count towards your required hours.  Also be prepared to time for at least one hour at any meet that your swimmer participates in.  Hours worked will count towards any unfulfilled service hours. 



Q       How often do swimmers need to attend practice?

A        As swimmers progress through the team the number of practices per week as well as the extra practices (dryland training) will build in length of time.  Each group has a minimum number of recommended practices.  Based on the swimmers commitment and ability level they are placed in groups. Swimmers are expected to attend practice regularly in line with the guidelines for each level. Coaches will communicate the practice expectations to swimmers at the start of the season.  We understand families will have other commitments but we encourage swimmers to attend practices as recommended.


Q       Can parents watch practice?

A        Parents are welcome to watch practices from the picnic tables in the snack bar area, in the bleachers, or outside the fence.  Parents may not sit in Lifeguard Chairs or along the fence.  However it is important that parents do not disrupt the workouts by distracting a coach or swimmer during practice.  It is not appropriate for parents to coach their children during workouts or at meets.


Q       What is the best way for parents to interact with the coaches?

A        Parents with questions for the coaching staff are encouraged to contact them via email or by phone. Conversations with coaches should take place either before or after practice, but not during.  Small questions that can be handled quickly by email will be.  If you have any concerns or desire an in-person meeting, we are happy to set up a time to meet with you.



You may have many questions about this topic and there is a whole section on our website dedicated to this important area under the Volunteer tab.



Q       Where can I buy PASA gear and training equipment?

A        Visit our  Team Store.