Team Stores - PASA Apparel and Gear


Team cap and t-shirt:

All registered team members will receive a free PASA swim cap and t-shirt.  These items are bulk ordered and will be handed out by the coaches.  

Here is the link to order the size of your t-shirt.  You can also select to receive either a free latex cap or upgrade to a silicon cap for $10.  Additionally, you have the option of ordering two personalized caps with the swimmer's name printed on the cap.  The personalized caps (set of two) are $15 for latex or $30 for silicon.


Swim suits, sweats, and training equipment:

Visit the Rinconada SwimOutlet team store to purchase swim suits. sweats, and training gear.  A portion of all sales made through our Rinconada store will be returned to the club.  Orders over $49 receive free shipping!  All orders are shipped directly to your home.  Check with your coach for the training equipment that is required for your practice group.  Note: our team colors are red and black.



Team Parkas:

Visit the Rinconada Truwest team store to purchase a PASA Team Parka.  A portion of all sales made through our Rinconada store will be returned to the club.  All orders ship within 48 hours for free.  Options to customize your parka are available. 


PASA Wear:

A few times throughout the year, special orders for items such as sweatshirts, hats, zip hoodies, flannel pants, etc. may be offered for purchase.  These items can be purchased by family members as well as swimmers to show our PASA pride.  Notification of the PASA Wear sale will be sent through email.  A link to the ordering form will be available here during the ordering window.