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Hello friends, teammates, and family, Once again we had a very successful K i c k f o r K i d s fundraiser...

By Ava Thompson

Our first PASA Kick for Kids double header is coming up this week!!

Rinconada kicks on Thursday Oct 3rd and DKS joins the fun on Friday Oct 4th! Thank you to all our coaches for allowing the...

By Ava Thompson

October Billing

Good Evening PASA Rinc Families, I just sent out October Billing Simulations to show what your accounts will be charged on October 1. If...

By Ava Thompson

PASA Registration Bundle from Swim Store

Greetings, I am sending this email for further clarification in regards to the Swim Store Registration Bundle that is showing $0 on the Swim...

By Ava Thompson

Stanford All-Americans Offering Lessions

Stanford All-Americans Offering Lessons: Two recent graduates, Leah Stevens and Kim Williams, have offered private lessons for members of our site. These will be...

By Ava Thompson

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