Membership and Fees



Registration Fee:

The PASA-Rinc registration fee is $275.  This is an annual fee.  This fee includes a PASA T-shirt and swim cap.  All families will be required to register with USA swimming to obtain their annual membership.  The registration fee will be reduced if a swimmer joins after April.  The registration fee and first month's dues are collected by credit card only during the registration process.  There is no additional administrative fee for using a credit card during the online registration.


Monthly Dues:

In addition to the PASA-Rinc. registration fee, each swimmer will pay monthly dues.  Dues are based on the Practice Group in which your swimmer participates.  Monthly dues are payable for all months except August which is a dues-free month. Please note that attendance at one practice during the month obligates you to pay full dues for that month.   

There are 2 methods of payment for monthly dues:

1.      Payment by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. You will be accessed an admin fee if you choose this method.

2.       ACH/Direct Debit available on the My Account /Set-up Autopay section of the site.  There are no admin fees for this method.

Direct debit is the preferred payment for monthly dues.


Multi-Sibling Discounts:

If a family has 3 or more siblings swimming with PASA-Rinc. we grant a multi-sibling discount.  This discount includes a $50 reduction in the registration fee for the third child and a 20% monthly reduction of dues off of the monthly dues for the most expensive sibling practice group.