Ella Eastin Swim Clinic- Saturday, September 28th

Ava Thompson
Ella Eastin Swim Clinic:  NCAA Champion, NCAA Swimmer of the Year, American Record Holder, USA National Team Member and Olympic Hopeful will be doing a clinic at Rinconada on Saturday, September 28th.  This will be done in two parts during normal practice hours as follows:
12-unders- 11AM-12:30PM Ella will briefly speak to the group, get in and demonstrate a few things and have the kids do the same, and will finish up with autographs and pictures.  Note- 8-unders can come for autographs and pictures but not the swim portion.  Each swimmer will be allowed  one item to have signed. 
13-up- 12:30AM-2PM Ella will talk about a few key things to her success as an IM swimmer, do demonstrations, sign autographs and pictures (same signing limits for older kids) and then groups will finish with practice.
There will be a nominal charge of $10 billed to your account for those coming to the clinic.