Speedo Fundraiser during the month of March

Ava Thompson
Super exciting news. Speedo is holding a fundraiser for all its sponsored teams. All you need to do is encourage swimmers, parents, and alumni to shop at www.SpeedoUSA.com/Speedo-pool-together for the month of March.
Here is how it works:
-           Encourage swimmer, parents, and alumni to shop www.SpeedoUSA.com/Speedo-Pool-Together during the month of March
-           Choose Palo Alto from the landing page drop down menu
-           Shoppers receive a 25% discounts on their purchase
-           10% of all purchases will go back to the team and 10% will go back to the team’s dealer  
-           Team will receive a Visa gift card after the fundraiser is complete.
Attached is a PDF for you to send out to families, and post on your social media platforms. 
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