Reminder- PASA 2021 Outreach Program- Yard Signs

Ava Thompson

Good Afternoon PASA Rinconada Families,

Just a reminder that the PASA Rinconada site is doing an Outreach Campaign for new members in the fall.  We would like to try something new this year and are asking families if they would be willing to place a yard sign on their front lawn as part of our grassroots marketing effort. 

The goal would be to have the signs available for distribution by the end of June.  We are asking families that are interested in participating to complete this Google Form.   For families that are interested, there is only one form per family needed and we are asking that you return the form to the respective coach of the oldest member.  (Thus, if there is an 8 & under member and a Senior Member, the response only needs to come from the Senior Member)

We need the forms returned to the coaches by 6/7 so we can get the appropriate number of signs ordered to be available by the end of June.

Please contact your coach or myself if you have any questions.  Below is a new image of what the sign will look like and it will contain a QR Code that will link to our website.