Ava Thompson

Good Afternoon PASA Rinconada Families,

I apologize again for the additional emails regarding USA Swimming registration and appreciate your patience.  I have worked with many  families since the site launced and would like to add some clarification.

For new families signing up for the first time and have never been members of USA Swimming or for families that have already created a family account but could not add their children to their account....You have to use this specific PASA link to register your swimmer or yourselves and be able to pay the fees: https://omr.usaswimming.org/omr/welcome/1BDD49C9881F39.  In some cases if the accounts were created on the USA Swimming site prior to 9/1 you may need to contact me for your swimmers new unique ID.  I can be reached at 530-514-0634.  The registration to select is for a premium athlete which is a year round swimmer for the 2023 season and the fee is $87/swimmer. 

If you have registered before as an Official or Coach and have already created an account for yourself- unlike previous years, you can now add your swimmers to the same account.  However, you have to use the PASA specific link to add your swimmers:  https://omr.usaswimming.org/omr/welcome/1BDD49C9881F39.  Like I mentioned above in some cases if you set up accounts prior to 9/1 you make need to contact me for the new unique ID number.  The fee for an official/Non Athlete member is $77 and your athlete is $87.

The site is still experiencing delays so if you swimmer has a current registration through the end of this year, you can wait to register, however, I will begin sending reminders to renew the membership starting in middle of October.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you are all having a nice holiday weekend.

Warm regards,