Registration Issues- Update

Ava Thompson

Happy Labor Day PASA Rinconada Families,

Just a reminder, if you are a returning family and have not registered your swimmer with PASA for the 2023 season, you need to do so ASAP.  Here is the registration link for PASA:  I am also including the link here for the emergency form that needs to be turned into your coach.

*** If you have a returning swimmer and have registered with PASA for 2023 and know they have a valid USA Swimming Membership, please wait until October to renew the registration with USA Swimming. I will be sending emails to everyone that needs to renew in October.

The USA Swimming site is overwhelmed and we need to avoid making the situation worse.  We need to focus on new families that do not have a valid registration as the priority to register first.

If you do not know if your swimmers USA Swimming expiration date, you can contact me.  Most all returning PASA members have a valid USA Swimming Membership unless you joined PASA late in the season.

Again, I appreciate your patience and cooperation with this process.

Have a great day!