Reminder to renew USA Swimming Membership

Ava Thompson

Good Morning PASA Rinconada Families,

I am sending a reminder that this year I am not able to renew your swimmers USA Swimming registration. Returning members that have not renewed with USA Swimming yet this year will have their membership expire next month.  Please don't wait until the last minute to renew. Also, if you are a new member and have not registered yet the process is the same for you.  All members of PASA need to have a valid USA Swimming registration to participate with the team. 

There have been many emails that have gone out regarding this new process.  I just sent USA Swimming registration invites to members that have not been renewed or may have renewed but chose Seasonal Athlete instead of Premium Athlete.  If you chose the season 1 athlete membership you will need to log in to your USA Swimming account and upgrade to Premium athlete.  I am including the link here again for your convenience:

The fee for USA Swimming registration for Premium Athlete membership is $87. This will have the membership go through the end of 2023.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!