Next Session:  January 9th - March 1st, 2023


PASA offers non-competitive sessions for swimmers who may not want the full rigor of a competitive swim team or are developing the skills for competitive readiness. The Non-Competitive Program sessions are offered in the Fall, Winter and Spring. PASA’s focus for this group will be stroke instruction, movement and skill understanding, endurance development, and most of all fun! PASA Non-Competitive swimmers do not participate in swim meets and the families will not have any volunteer hours to fulfill.

You may come as often as you would like, based on school and other activities, and our coaches will help you reach your goals within the group.

Program Details

Bettertimes Floating Swim Fins

The Winter PASA Non-Competitive Program session will be offered from January 9th through March 1st, 2023- Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 4:00-4:45pmThey are open to swimmers 9-14 who are capable of swimming 2 of the 4 competitive strokes for 25 yards and have a working knowledge of the other 2 strokes. There will be a skill check (try-out) to establish safety and fit on the first day of class. Swimmers who do not pass, will have their fees refunded and given information on swimming lessons.  We will accept up to 25 swimmers each session.

Swimmers will be using fins each class. We recommend the Titan Fin brand.  They should be full-sized, and not scuba diving fins.  A sample image of the fins are shown here:
You can purchase the fins through our PASA Swim Store on Swim and Tri
by following this link.



The cost for this session is $495 plus an annual USA Swimming Membership Insurance fee.This year all families will need to register their swimmers through USA Swimming directly.  The fee is $87 and is good until December of 2023.  If you decide to participate in more classes during the year you will not need to pay this fee again.

Registration Process

You will need to schedule a tryout with the Coach in order to enroll in this program.  Once your tryout is complete you will be provided with a registration link to register online.

Once you are registered, you will receive an email confirmation.  The email confirmation and a completed emergency form and MAAPP Acknowledgment Form must be printed out and given to the coach on the first day of practice.  You can read the MAAPP Policy here  Due to insurance reasons, your swimmer may not be allowed into the water until these two forms are submitted to the coach.

Lead Coach of PASA Non-Competitive Program

To learn more about our program or to schedule a tryout, please contact Coach Martin Plummer