The groups for 11-12 years-olds are Age Group and Advanced Age Group.

Age Group

Coach: Keiichiro Yoshida 
Fees: $195/month

Age Group swimmers are 11-12 year old swimmers. Most have year-round swim team experience, but are also committed to other activities in addition to swimming. Age Group swimmers are capable of swimming all 4 competitive strokes consistently without disqualification. 

We put a big emphasis on stroke technique and aerobic training within a short workout. This group is geared towards swimmers who are continuing to learn skills such as clock management, some advanced drills, flip turns and starts. Participation in swim meets and other activities is strongly encouraged.

Monday-Friday 4:00-5:00PM


Advanced Age Group

Coach: Keiichiro Yoshida 
Fees: $202/month

Advanced Age Group swimmers are experienced 11-12 year old swimmers, most have achieved JO times or above and all are committed to swimming and competing in meets.

We continue to work on stroke technique, but we add race strategy and overall stroke balance. Swimmers develop swimming skills, as well as life skills through athletics. Goal setting and achievement are taught and monitored in this group.

We train for 400 IM and 500 free and try to balance best and worst strokes to eliminate weaknesses and provide more opportunities for development into senior swimming.

Monday-Friday  5:00-6:15PM
Saturday Swim TBD