The groups for 13-14 year-olds are the Varsity Group and the Junior Group.


Coach Tony Batis * Interim 
Fees: $230/month

Varsity is for swimmers 13 through 15 years of age. The emphasis is primarily to give swimmers valuable stroke and technical improvements to prepare them for continuing with their swimming at a less competitive level.  Meets are offered and encouraged.

Monday-Friday 4:45-6:15 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Junior Group

Coach:  Martin Plummer 
Fees: $260/month

The group is made up of 13-14-year-olds ranging from Junior Olympic to Junior National level swimmers and is designed for those who have made a commitment to year-round swimming and wish to excel in this competitive sport. Junior Group swimmers will compete in the age group and senior level of Pacific Swimming and are expected to meet attendance and other requirements during the course of the season.

PM Sessions: Monday-Friday  5:45 - 8:00 PM
AM Sessions:  Monday, Wednesday 5:00-6:00 AM
Saturdays 9:00-11:00 AM or at swim meets

Swimmers in the group must:

  • Display a high level of stroke competency in all four competitive strokes
  • Have at least three individual meetings during the season
  • Maintain an average of at least 5 practices per week (8 practices offered)
  • Attend all required meets throughout the season