The groups for swimmers 15 years and older are Varsity Group and Senior Group.


Coach: Tony Batis * interim  
Fees: $230/month

The Varsity Group is for swimmers 13 through 18 years of age. The emphasis is primarily to give swimmers valuable stroke and technical improvements to prepare them for continuing with their swimming at a less competitive level.  Meets are offered and encouraged.

Workout Times

Monday-Friday 4:45-6:15 PM
AM Sessions  TBD
Saturday 11:00 AM-12:30 PM


Senior Group

Coach: Tony Batis    
Fees: $310/month

The Senior Group is comprised of high school and college-age kids.  We offer nine training sessions per week both short and long course.  Schedule below is accurate except for some parts of winter and summer.  All swimmers in the group must compete at the meets designated by the coach.  In addition, they must also participate in a dryland program prescribed by the coach.

Workout Times

Monday-Friday 5:15-8:00 PM
AM Sessions  TBD
Saturday 9:00-11:00 AM